Winter beater

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  1. Don't think I'll be getting a F-150 this winter. I guess I'll have to strap up the ol' turbo stang for it. Whats the best size wheels and what kind of winter tires should I put on this beast for the winter? I remember driving this thing with decent tires and sliding ALL over the place even when it was N/A, it worse than my 5.0. Should I just pick up some 14" standard black wheels and put some mean winter tires on just the rear? or all around.

    Money is kind of tight right now so I would like to plan ahead, Esepcialy with this retarted jersey weather.
  2. im not sure about tire sizes but when we get a butt load of snow i put some sandbags in the hatch area and that helps a little
  3. when the turbo kicks in it is alot of fun! lol.

    carefull, ....
    I got traction....
    sliding back down the hill...

    start over!
  4. Tallest and narrowest tires you can find. "All-season" tires or tires stamped "mud and snow" do NOT count for ****. Look at the tread, should be deep with good spacing and preferably a channel or other arrangement of tread down the centerline of the tire that collects snow and water. Because the rear suspension is so bad and because you need those wheels for acceleration/emergency brake it is critical to have good tires on back. If possible also put good ones on the front but generic MUD AND SNOW with good tread will suffice, just take it easy in corners.

    150 pounds of ballast in the trunk pushed up against the back of the seat... OR if you can fit weight into the rear footwells, that would be better as it puts some weight on the front as well, put 50 pounds in each footwell and 100 in the trunk.

    Purchase and install the splash guards from FORD ($13) to protect the body from corrosion damage, and rinse the car off when it gets crap on it INCLUDING the underside and bottom of doors/sills.

    Carry a small shovel in case you get stuck in deep snow, and a snow broom with ice scraper (dont use scraper on paint). And extra washer fluid.

    Engine block heater will reduce engine wear during extreme cold starts, and have car warmed up faster.
  5. I may be a little too late on this one, but I know the merkur guys I run with use blizacks performance snow tire and they walked away from me last winter. I agree the extra weight makes a difference. I was introduced to snow driving here in Spokane last winter and it is fun. My 87hp 2.3NA convert would kick the ass end out at any given chance. I was running some studs last year and was not too impressed. As far as size I was running the same stock tire size I had on the car. 20570R14.

  6. No ****! your a Spoksman to !!! That makes three of us on here. Cool. we will have to all get together some day and go tear up Sprague or Division. LOL :shrug:

    I love winter driving. just dont forget your smarts and over confidence ones self! then baddd things happen.
  7. Normally I would sneer at your cowardice. But after getting airborne sideways into a field and having to put up with the resulting body-work, I am going to agree that you should not attempt high speed drifting around corners in January. :D