Winter Beaters

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  1. I am happy this winter that i get to put my baby in my garage for the snowy months. I was wondering if any of you guys have winter beaters and what they are like. I just got this truck for a hundred bucks, its an 81 Chevy with a straight six, 2 wheel drive, 3 in the tree. It's a lot of fun to drive actually and i like the multi color look (it had some surface rust so my dad sanded it down and put primer on parts of it).
  2. No winter beater here. Just a set of 15" steel wheels with Blizzaks on them. Can't wait :nonono:
  3. i would love to have a winter beater...but there is a fine line between winter beater and an unreliable POS. i was looking at possibly a mid 90's cavalier, there is one down the road for about $1500, it has 150,000miles, but still, thats cheap
  4. i would get... a winter beater fox chassis! just for kicks... although.. that would suck in the snow.. but... 4cyls isnt getting you anywhere too fast...
    i would go for some cheap import... i would LOVE to have a beater car... best mod, ever
  5. i wish i had a garage...but then i probably wouldn't have gotten the mustang
  6. I think the Blizzaks are an awesome tire for those that don't have a choice about driving the Stang in the snow. My suggestion would also be to put that T-Lok in before the snow starts to fall. People might want to check out Firestone as they run a promotion on these tires around this time of year, and even though they are an expensive tire, you can finance them, and you get free spring/fall tire swaps through them. Also great if you don't have an extra set of rims lying around!

    While the Blizzaks don't give you a license to go back to norma everyday aggressive driving again, their snow and ice traction make a huge difference over all-weather tires. On dry roads, they work pretty good, but on just plain wet roads, I found myself spinning the tires more often than I would have liked to.

    I was thinking of picking up a winter beater as well, but haven't sen any POS Civics for sale that I could garbage up with 368 go-fast stickers. :rlaugh:
  7. I get my tires wholesale... so prices dont tend to matter too much...
    as for the tires im using there "Semperit" which are... german or something (Semper it is latin for always moving) and they are supposed to hold up pretty well, i didnt even know what they were. "You put WHAT on my rims???" (I had planned on putting some snowies on my old stock rims, but my father thought we should just get some snow tires for my 17"s, since my summer tires were getting really bad...)
    Also, i think i would have fun doing silly stuff to my beater, yes, if i got one it would be closer to a 'not incredibly reliable" POS than a cheap winter car, but all i really need to do is go to school and work, school is roughly 10 minutes away and work is about 5, but hey, i would get 369 go-fast stickers!
  8. Well, if I could get an engine in it in time, this one would be coming out for winter:

    But since that probably won't happen, I'll just be driving the '01. :D
  9. I have a 1988 escort gt for my winter beater. Its hilarious, the sucker won't die and its great in the snow. Also makes a good snow plow surprisingly. :rlaugh:



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  10. very nice plaow, atleast u stuck with ford
  11. I got a 92 black explorer thats amazing in the snow and just plain fun to mess around with.Paid about 2 g's for it. My 2nd car bought with my own money and im only 17. It's also great for those rainy days which ive been getting alot of recently

  12. '90 Chevy Cavalier... $750, great car driving to and from school this year

    and sorry for posting in the "wrong forum", i'm a V8 driver :D
  13. Why should you be sorry?

    Actually, I always wanted the original SUV. A Ford Bronco, but it would have to be that lovely sh|t brown color they came in!
  14. If you do not come and get your stuff soon, you will be driving in the snow without those they are completely blocked in by your other junk. You have money to work on your exhaust again but none to do what you should have long ago!
  15. [QUOTE='66 coupe]Well, if I could get an engine in it in time, this one would be coming out for winter:

    But since that probably won't happen, I'll just be driving the '01. :D[/QUOTE]
    im jealous :hail2:
  16. Hmm... Maybe I'll come and get my computer as well.

    How about a nice cup of STFU?
  17. omg
    I have no idea whats going on in this 'arguement' of sorts, but i like how he whipped out the "cup of STFU" one!
  18. Marvin and SueMDBrow, you all have your personal spats within PM. I will have to cool both of you off if it keeps up in the forums.

    Thanks for your understanding. This is a public site and a family forum.

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  19. My 2000 is my beater...
  20. My parents brought me home an old, ugly, white, Chevy Celebrity when I got my permit.They got it so when I practiced parallel parking, if I hit anything it wouldn't matter. I only got in it a couple of times to practice parking in my driveway, then I told them that I refused to drive anything but a Mustang that was a 2000 or up. So like 2wks later they brought me home my baby, and one thing I've learned is that She only really likes nice weather, so I think I'll Break out the Chevy and slide it into a few things this winter. :D