Winter Beaters

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  1. The Project car gets winter duty this year.


    Just got to stay out of the boost! :nice:



  2. Is that the car that was in the accident you were in Z??
  3. No, no - that one was an 84 and a sure fire gonner.



    The one in the first post is an 86 I picked up about 1 month after the accident. I was pretty messed up with the head injury and when my wife wasn't paying attention I bought three more SVO's.

    The 1E (Silver) and the 2R (Jalipeno Red) can be seen at

    I sold the 86 2A (best of the three) to an enthusiast in NJ a few months ago.

    The 2R makes a good sleeper. Looks like ass but as it sits is about 230HP and 300 lbs ft of torque. I'll dyno it in the next week or two to be sure. Need to do a few things to the body and set the timing first. I'll go crazy with the video camera once it's where I like it. It's in the shop getting subframe connectors and the rear end rebuilt.

  4. Yeah all I remembered was the red stang, but yeah it looks like it would take a bit of work to repair that back even to drivable conditions.

    good to hear the accident didn't discourage your enthusiasm for speed. :D
  5. Well my winter-work bearter is not beat it's a 04 Dakota. I always have to drive a new car or truck, don't hate tho I have had some beaters, 81 Buick Regal, 86 monti , 78 chevy 4x4 and a 91 escort LX
  6. You must have nice parents to buy you a car much less a mustang! To be frank if my daughter pulls a stunt like that with me in 3yrs she'll be walking or taking the bus
  7. I agree, when i turned 16 my dad offered to buy me a Yugo :bang:
  8. if i would've told my parents i will only accept a mustang 2000 or newer, i'd be walking or riding the bus everywhere i need to go
  9. haha, wow, I would have just taken the chevy back and told you to buy your own car