Winter Changes Nearly Complete (Lots More Pics Than Cougar Posted)

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  1. Well, first and fore most, my turbo headers and done and ready to's some pics. 380.00 Shipped to your door.


    Now for the other mods. I added one of these:

    If you don't know, that's an EEC Tuner...sure is fun to play with.

    I'm also getting ready to replace the VAM with this:

    That's a Mass Air meter btw...rumor has it there is alot of power in this little swap :banana:

    So then I decided to hook this up a few weeks ago...notice anything "neat" in the trunk?

    I also added an adjustable cam pulley to the 91. It's crazy how much you can move the power around with that thing. I haven't had time to find the "best" timing for it yet.

    This Friday I'm leaving for Virginia. I'm going to visit 351wcoupe, pick up a Merkur I bought from him, and do the spring break thing :D

    Come summer time I'm gonna swap all my "goodies" over to my 85 SVO and make it my "Race Car" and bring the 91 back to good daily driver status (one that will trap ~100mph still though). Might as well have my driver be the car that will hold less value right? Of course I'll also have to fix the damage the damn snow plow caused to the 91 and respray it (don't know if I'll keep the current paint job or do something else).

    I've also got a 3.5" downpipe to build for the header above and an Isuzu NPR intercooler to install in the nose of the SVO as well as a similar Mitsu FK intercooler to replace the Volvo unit in the 91.

  2. Thanks for the pics and updates! Keep us posted, I'm interested to see how the Mass air meter and nitrous work. :nice:

    Good luck in Virginia! We have alot more hills than Kansas. :D Be careful, especially going down 29, there are alot of cops who like to hide at the bottom of hills and get people for speeding.
  3. Good deal Stinger. Will wait for results w/ interest.
  4. IM gonna start on alot of things this summer too assuming i have some cash to play with. I will finally accomplish something on this car! Graduation frees up alot of time :D So you are gonna turn the 92 into the DD, probably a good plan, i am probably gonna have to come up with a beater to drive until i get the turboswap done but my goal is to have a quick daily driver when i am done. What kind of seats do you have?, from the back they look like aftermarkets, Also you say you like the adjustable cam pulley? I have been thinking about getting one for my swap but i dont know which brand is best. You will have to share your results. Also is your header available with Internal wastgate setup?

  5. Dr: The 91 has always been my DD...I just think it's starting to get too far away from being a good DD. I'll tone down a few things but get it in better tune...hopefully I can have equal power as I have now with less parts and more tuning to make a more efficient DD.

    The header isn't available without the external gate flange but it's easy to run an internal gate...just put a wg block off plate over the flange. That's why I did it that's easy to bolt a plate on if you want internal...not easy to weld a flange on if you want external of both worlds.

  6. Hey Stinger, where in Virginia are you staying? Do you have family here or something? I sure would like to come out and meet you, but I think I'm stuck at this damn school this weekend. :rolleyes:

    Are you going to trailor it or drive the Merkur back?
  7. I'm staying in Luray possibly one night and I'll be near VA Beach the rest of the time...
  8. Oh, and I'm driving it back...not trailering it (I don't know if that's a wise move or not).
  9. The MAF is going on the '91? Be sure to detail that for us all.....I'm sorta contemplating keeping mine when I turboswap.

  10. Mine would be totally different than yours...the 2.3 maf is way too small. I'm using a tuner to make it work.

  11. Well obviously....EECTuner and a bigger MAF required, of course. What I'm totally unsure of (and hence the "sorta contemplating") is the wiring and stuff - how it might be worth it to not go VAM at all when I do the swap, but go directly to the tuner and MAF. I'll be eager to hear how yours works. :)

  12. Well I suppose that's an option...the tuner isn't exactly "easy" to use in the beginning but I'll see how "plug and play" this maf conversion ends up.

  13. What MAF are you planning on going with? the one in your pics looks quite small.

    The wiring wont be difficult, just match the pinouts on the computer with that of the maf. you will have to somehow then aquire a flow datasheet on the MAF to replace the table of the vam. are you planning draw through or blow through? if drawthrough, a 80-90mm 2nd gen Lightning maf should work well and is pretty inexpensive. If doing blowthrough, the ProM Univer seems to be a good choice

    I almost purchased a tweecer but the guy sold it and wouldnt reply to me...good price too
  14. That is a stock 5.0 maf...I'm just going to use it to get the swap working and then once I get the bugs worked out of it (if there are any) I'll swap to an 80mm or something. The lightning unit is the one of the possibilities.

    The reason for the 5.0 unit is I already have the transfer function and flow info for it...

  15. get a 94-95 5.0 maf. they are 70mm and have the same transfer function
  16. Stinger left here yesterday and is coming back to get the merk this weekend.
    Pictures don't do his car justice. I didn't really get a chance to look it over much since I had to work.

    I thought the MAF sensors worked on a frequency and the VAM works on voltage reference?????
  17. That's a SWEET header!
  18. Paul...does that mean you are ready for one? :)

    I'm back with the to spend a decent amount of time with Matt (351wcoupe)...even more so than planned since I called him after going 100 miles and the alternator wasn't charging. Never thought a friggin' toggle switch could cause so much trouble :crazy:

    Come to find out Matt and I both have the same problem with our cars...they feel like they are running correctly but are WAY down on power (don't ask how I know).

    The merk ran like a bat out of hell when I left...not so good now though. It did make it all the way home 1200 miles without any other issues...even pulled 24-25mpg all the way here. Lug nuts on the front tire came loose 5 miles from home...odd it made it that far and then decided to come loose. Now it backfires under boost and idles rough. I'll do some checking into it.

  19. I wish! Still NA though I've been thinking about a Merk lately!
  20. Damn Stinger I just missed you! Would have loved to see your car and hung out with you and Matt. :nice: Matt said you were comming up here again in a few months? We should all get together, I'll bring the SRT-4 up to Matt's house and we'll have a little meet. I'll even bring the digital video camera if you want. (there really isn't enough 2.3 turbo videos on the internet.)

    Interesting to see which would be faster, the SRT or your turbo stang. I'm sure yours would hand the SRT it's ass. :rlaugh: