Winter Driving

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  1. It is the first real snow of the year. Everyone stay off the road so I can practice drifting and pretend Roscoe is chasing me!
    Seriously, I think folks forgot how to drive this year. It has been cold but dry. I have never seen so many little peep holes in the windshield, drivers still texting, stop sign blowing, tailgating, 10 mph over the posted speed, inconsiderate drivers in this state. It was like a normal day in downtown Denver rush hours traffic. If they are going to drive poorly, at least set the dang phone down and look out the windows! It is a good day to work from home!
  2. Ha. I spent 6 hours in traffic on Wednesday trying to re enter Atlanta after snowpocalypse. You want to talk about people who can't drive in snow and ice. On a side note, I will never buy another 2 wheel drive pickup truck again.

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  3. Sending everyone home at the same time was as bad as closing a certain Jersey bridge. I hope you had a coat and a good, thick book.
    BTW, posi and a couple of sand bags help a lot unless it is just stupidly slick ice. Then you need studded tires or chains. It did not look like fwd would have helped much in that mess.
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  4. It was a political mess. It basically came down to the municipalities not willing to spend the money to treat the roads when they knew there was a snow storm coming. It doesn't matter what you have, you can't drive on untreated ice. I had none of those things by the way. I had been at work in Detroit for 6 days, and my truck was in Chatanooga the whole time. The highway was fine, but it's the little hills and off ramps that get you in a 2 wheel drive truck. Some douche nozzle in front of you will climb a hill at 5 mph on ice in front of you in a little car. With the 2 wheel drive truck you are totally screwed if you stop on a hill with ice on it. When I finally caught a flight back, it was already a mess. I have a little Mitsubishi Mirage in Detroit that I drive in 4" of snow every other day. I haven't been stuck once. Nothing like having a nice light car when you need to clear snow drifts.

  5. I rock AWD with studded snow tires. Really makes a difference...even on ice. Of course, guys in the south don't really prep for snow driving like we do up north.

    We've had 3 storms with 12"+ of snow. Each storm, i commuted 50 miles round trip to work. I actually enjoy snow driving as it breaks up the monotony of the daily commute. :)
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  6. Had to go 7 miles out of my way to work this morning due to a 5 car pile up. We've had an abnormally cold and snow filled winter. You'd think that everyone would be used to it by now up here. We get snow about every other day. People still drive to fast and careless. Saw a gal the other morning driving and putting on her makeup,driving with her knees,with the visor down,and she had a kid in a car seat!! I wanted to throttle her! I have 4 wheel drive and most conditions don't stop me from driving. Stopping in a timely manner is another thing.
  7. If I ever move up north, the two wheel drive truck is not going with. I would also like to replace our 2 wheel drive Fusion with a 4 wheel drive one. We have had snow storms here in Atlanta before, and it hasn't been too bad, because it's all surface streets, and they get the grit and salt out on time.

    As for the weather up north, I heard this is the worst winter Detroit has had in 35 years.

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  8. Mustang5L5 I've been doing it with a FWD car for years now with not getting stuck. Driven past plenty of stuck cars but knock on wood, haven't been stuck myself. Truck is traction control off as soon as snow starts, and momentum!
  9. We had 2-1/2 inches last winter and already over 3ft up here in pa... And it has been below 15* for at least 2-3 weeks.. So it snows, but never melts, then snows on top of the stuff that never melted. I am so sick of this weather. Great winter for a project that takes the fox out of commission for a while.
  10. Same here but colder with a little less snow than 3ft. I need to get my garaged drywalled/insulated/heated for next year. No wrenching for this cat in this crap! :notnice::nono::(
  11. I just drop the top and drive like normal, not sure what you guys are having problems with! :)
  12. Boo!hiss!
  13. 2-3" today, 6-10" forecast for wed and 12"+ forecast for Sun here.....

    Fun week ugh!
  14. Haha, lied. Caught some rain the other day. Drag radials and mustangs with no A/C don't mix well with rain for some odd reason.
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  15. People are bad enough drivers when it's 70 degrees and sunny out. Add poor visibility and/or icy conditions for those egg heads and I'll be chittin a brick every time somebody gets close to me. Guess that's why some people have beater vehicles for the winter.
  16. my little fiesta with studded winter tires does just fine.
  17. So does my Volvo
  18. My old stock 1987 Honda Civic was a champ in 4" or less snow and ice with studded tires and got me an average 35mpg (best i got was 39mpgs). It sucked in the deep stuff because the car was so dang light that it just floated over the snow instead of cutting through it.

    I prefer my F-150 4x4, not the best mpg but I don't commute far and my Cooper AT3's get me everywhere I want without the annnoying sound of studs. Besides, can't fit my 5 y/o son, twin 6 month old girls and my boxer in the Honda Civic everyday after work.
  19. I actually did fairly well for about five consecutive winters split between Oklahoma and Delaware with nothing more than my '02 GT. Never put sandbags in the back and never once put it into a ditch. Never had a really bad snowfall when I owned my '96 F-150 4x4 short bed; I never got to have some fun in the snow with that truck. Germany is on point when it comes to clearing the roads when it snows. Never had to drive through anything more than a bit of slush on the roads. Nothing my little beater Golf can't handle.
  20. Twin girls! You poor poor man! (Just wait for those teen years)