Winter...MOD time

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  1. So what mods are you guys/girls planning on doing?
  2. I could never do anything to my car since it's so damn cold out(I'm in Chicago) but for some strange reason, it was in the mid 50's for a day in January. So during that time I installed my rear sway bar. :banana:
  3. Got all kinds of things going on, Took the motor out of my 91 vert , It`s getting a few more Cid like 347 . Plus I`m doing a engine bay overhaul while it`s out . Hiding wires and smoothing the strut towers , Painting everything . I`ll post some pic when I get more into it

  4. Lets see, installed the MSD window switch (digital), electronic TPS both for the Nitrous, Installed the Sirius radio with custom radio delete plate and custom antenna wiring so that it is not on the exterior of the car screwing up the lines.
  5. :worthlesb
  6. Wow, looks good :nice: How long did it take you to do all of that?
  7. Well, it took days because i put in a RPM window switch and an Electronic TPS all at night after the kids went to bed. Just worked on it a little at a time.

    Probably if you were to do the delete and the power supply like i did and the antenna you could do it all under about 4 hrs. It was really not that hard, just tedious to get the stuff to fit just right. I am goign to put the Nitrous switch to the left of the mount of the sat radio. So that way it takes up that wasted space and looks cool too boot.