Winter Projects/Upgrades/Mods?

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  1. What projects does everyone have going on this winter? I currently have a manual to power steering conversion on the Fastback. I ripped off the unit from our 68 parts coupe and started cleaning it up. I am also redoing the brake lines, and installing a 3.25 posi rear end. Spring plans are to pull the interior components and give them a fresh coat of aqua interior paint.

    My father's recently purchased 64.5 (I know, early model 65) is scheduled for paint in February, I will post updated pics as progress is made.

    Lastly, I finally have started to work on the 65 coupe. Currently, the motor/tranny is pulled and the front quarters are off. Next I will detail the engine bay, repair the floor and rear quarters where required, and then tear into the motor.

    What does everyone else have going on?
  2. Well, I'm still doing the heater core, hopefully will have that done by the time raely cold weather hits. I will also start really planning out front and rear brakes. I'm going to go with probably the Baer Sport kit, unless I hear humongous testimony against them for SSBC. That includes lines... and I have a relative who says he should be able to locate a usable 9" rear with a detroit locker and decent gears! :nice: for my x-mas present. That's my plans

    The Swede
  3. hmmmm, brakes, steering, engine, suspension, rear end, body work, interior..... a good question would be what am I not doing lol.
  4. I'm going to fill up my tank, park it in the garage, and let it sit for five months. :D I have to go to school in Mississippi for five months. So I'll probably just forget about the clicking I have right now and deal with it when I get back.
  5. [I've got two projects going:

    On my 69/302 I'm putting in Vintage A/C, at the rate it's going I'll be lucky to have it done by spring. :bang: Last major mod on this car and it will be done !

    On my 69/351c, still messing with fine tuning, replace emergency brake, a little more interior work and finish stripping to bare metal. Next winter hope to be at painting stage.

    Both cars will get extra insulation on the firewall and floors due to the long tube headers.
  6. oh the projects. I am just full of them this winter.

    1. Finish polebarn (30x40) so I can move around in my garage.
    2. Mustang -find correct wheels and tires size and install
    -Budget 351 rebuild (cam, porting, new carb, fix header leak, etc)
    -4C work. (bigger servo and maybe a new stall (TCI Sat Night special kind sucks like a stock converter) fix the reverse hard ingauge problem
    -front suspension

    3. 52 Cheby pickup. -install 350 SB and autp trans.
    4. Try to keep my wife happy while I do all this work ;)
    5. Drink some beer, have some fun and learn a thing or two.

  7. If we get the nerve to try, rebuild the 302 from the Mach, get it back in the car. I also want to do some minor touch ups to the front bumper/hood (rock chips) on the 00. And if we could find a garage (Mustangs are in our 2 car garage)with space, heat & electric-rip apart the T/A parts car & put the parts onto the 82 Firebird.
  8. Replace the i-6 in my '67 coupe with a 351w, upgraded c4, 8.8 rearend and granada brakes. I am thinking of fabbing my own r&p set up and shelby drop while I am at it. Hopefully by the big get together in Nashville in April.
  9. Plans for the 65
    • Patch DS front floor rust -> POR-15 the interior and undercarriage.
    • Finish up the paint stripping and bodywork -> final coat of Primer sealer
    • If time, paint.
    • Work for $$$ for suspension

    Plans for the 72
    • Finish connecting and troubleshooting the interior Vacuume lines
    • Touch up the wheel wells and undercarriage from the overspray
    • Put the hockey side stripe on
    • Paint the rear valance and lower black stripe along the side.
    • Finish up the small interior stuff and last details

    • Really study real estate investing
    • Improving my public speaking and 'salesmanship'
    • Work hard on starting my business

    I'm not ambitious am i? ;)
  10. get my numbers matching 1968 4V heads rebuilt and installed on the engine. maybe a new exhaust system with headers too.
  11. - rear and intermediate brake lines
    - rear drums, new everything
    - rear axle bearings/seals
    - T5 swap, just gotta make a crossmember
    - hopefully some subframe connectors
    - find and marry a rich chick to support my lifestyle (why are there so few of these?!)

    and i gotta get it all done in 3 weeks in december and january...i cant wait! :D
  12. Hmmm....witch car should i start with...

    The number 1 73 Mach-1 :
    -Mount stereo, screens, playstation 2 and lap top.
    -Fixs up the trunk like a professional stereo car
    -Pull out the 302 and put another 302 in it with tu...
    -Mount the interior
    -Mount the hood and the grill

    The number 2 73 Mach-1 "Greeny"
    -Restore the car. Is going to be finished in April

    The 79 Mustang Ghia
    -Put in an engine and trans
    -Try to turn it into a Pace Car with 16x9,5 Centerline
  13. Now that I finally have all the Shelby 'glass on my clone, the next step is to strip the body, block it and paint it. It'll be a complete color change, so the front and rear glass will come out soon, then the motor then the doors and fenders. Fortunately, this car has the very nicest body I've ever seen on a car that old, so it won't require anything other than block sanding. Hope to have the car ready for the first car show of next year in my area, which happens to coincide with my (mid April) b-day! We'll see...
  14. Well I bought a 66 fastback C code as a roller and I just got called on a 65 fastback that I must buy. Wife said something has to go. The 65FB runs good and just needs interior. Iplan to put a 347 and T-5 in it and some suspension upgrades...
  15. I am going to put in a 1" front sway bar.
    Do some interior work.
    Clean up & coat the underside of the car.

    But, for most of the part, I have to start working on body work on my truck. :)
  16. Mostly just sanding so in the spring we can finish up the body work and think about some paint. I would like to be driving her again by the summer.
  17. I have three projects for my 68 coupe.

    1) Granada disc brake swap
    2) 9 inch swap
    3) T-5 swap
  18. I forgot the fourth one.

    4) Find a lady friend that doesn't complain about the grease/dirt on your hands immediately after you just got done working on the car.

    I knew I forgot something.
  19. :hail2: To all you, I have too many irons in the fire now. :rolleyes:

    The new job will be keeping me busy, So hopefully I will have the cash to do
    the Engine rebuild. :nice:

    But the list would start by,
    1. build storage shed to open up corner of workshop for
    Wife's Roadster.

    2. Pull Cougar in to repair front fender and repaint Car.
    Pull mtr & trans to reseal and add collected speed parts.

    3. Start restomod on 67 jeep cj5.

    4. What ever else needs fixing.

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: can dream.