Winter Specials for our Top 8 Service Installs!

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  1. From now until January 31st, 2011, CJ Pony Service is offering GREAT DEALS on their most popular repair and install jobs, as well as a discounted labor rate. All restoration and performance labor has been discounted to $65/hr! That’s a savings of $10 per hour, which can really add up when working on a big repair or install!

    Not only can you get your Mustang parts cheaper this week from CJ Pony Parts, you can also save money on getting them installed by our quality team of service techs. Talk about win-win!

    *(Normal Price)

    CJ Pony Service’s Winter Specials:

    1964-1970 Coupe/Fastback floor job = $1,999 Installed! ($2,899)
    Includes all of the components of our floor pan kit, installation, sealing and priming. Add torque boxes for $500 more!

    1964-1970 Complete floor job = $5,999 Installed! ($6,999)
    Includes all of the components of our floor pan kit with inner rockers and torque boxes. Complete with installation, sealing and priming.

    1964-1968 Lower cowl repair = $2,750 Installed! ($3,500)
    Includes new lower cowl repair panels along with complete installation.

    1964-1969 American Autowire complete chassis harness = $2,200 Installed! ($2,800)
    Includes American Autowire complete chassis wiring harness and installation.

    1986-1998 3:73-4:10 gear install w/ speedo correction (1999-2010 w/o speedo correction) = $499 Installed! ($599)
    Includes ring & pinion gears, installation kit, Royal Purple synthetic fluid and labor. 1986-1998 installs include speedometer gear.

    2005-2010 Ford Racing “Hot-Rod” cams = $1,149 Installed! ($1,299)
    Includes Ford Racing hot rod camshafts and installation.

    1986-2001 CJPP King Cobra clutch kit = $599 Installed! ($729)
    Includes clutch, throwout bearing, new flywheel and labor.

    1979-2004 CJPP Pro Kit or Sportline springs = $279 Installed! ($329)
    Includes lowering springs and installation. (Does not fit 1999-2004 Cobra)

    Give us a call today, at 1-800-888-6473 and take advantage of these great prices while they last!