Winter Tires and Rustproofing

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  1. Well, I finally went to my friendly neighborhood Discount Tire store and had them put the snow tires on my stock rims in anticipation (sic) of snow. Yesterday, I also took my steed to Ziebart to get her rustproofed as I dread thinking of driving her around here with all of the salt that is laid down in Michigan but I had to do something to keep her from screaming in agony every time I drive her in the wet stuff. I haven't put the snows on yet as I feel I probably have a good month or so before I have to start worrying about losing my grip due to the slick stuff on my performance toyo tires. Last year I had a beater to drive and kept my '01 GT off the road but this year I am forced to put my '05 in it as I sold the beater for the down payment on her (I wanted her bad). Anyways, is there anybody else going to experience the same pains and anguish I will feel once the white stuff starts falling? I looked for the most aggressive snow tires I could find and should be all right as long as I don't take the corners too quick (with a manual it will be touchy LOL). :Damnit:
  2. I am going to have to go through the same thing here in Upstate NY. I just got the T-Lok in, and I'm hoping I can swing some snow tires at some point. How much did the rust-proof cost you? I hadn't thought of that, but it sounds like a great idea.

  3. 2005 V6 Take-off Wheels are cheap on eBay. Why not buy a set just to mount your Winter Tires on and avoid the switching back-and-forth every year?

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  4. Hey Shooterm1, I am not using my stock rims on my car at this time. When I bought my car I put my chrome Cobra R rims with Toyos on there right away (to give it more of a sporty look) and the stock ones have been sitting around until now. But I still have the stock tires with about 100 miles on them.

    DaveW, Around my neck of the woods Ziebart has a special going on for rustproofing and undercoating for $199 out the door until October 30 (might want to check to see if your area is offering the same deal). It is regularly $349 and could'nt pass it up as I was originally just going to get the undercoating for $129 but for an extra $70 I think it is definitely worth it and then every year I go back and have them check it out power wash the undercarriage and reshoot it for $39 !!! Heck, the manager even said he would give a deal on window tinting too in the future: 5 windows for $150 and I can have different tints too! I think I am going to do that as I have been thinking about that anyways. I used the money I had that I was going to use to have my duals put on but decided to use it for rustproofing instead as I can always have that put on in the future, but rust will start almost right away around here and felt I needed to expedite that!!! LOL!!!
  5. try to find a bodyshop that actually uses rustproofing, and buy a few cans from them. take you interior panels off and actually spray it into the seams. the ziebart just drills holes in your car, and gets the top of the panels. rust starts at the botton, and in seams. doing it yourself ensures you a better rustproofing. ziebart is gambling on the fact that you will no longer own your car in a few years, and then they dont have to warranty anything. i think it also has to rust through before they will warranty it.....
  6. actually from some of the stuff I've read the undercoating/rustproofing can actaully make things worse... I haven't had a vehicle undercoated in years... Just make sure you wash the whole car, including undercarriage very regularly...
  7. Actually, rustproofing a car increases the resale value (if done professionally) and I did research into it and Ziebart does get into the seams on the top and bottom of the body the car and by buying a few cans of undercoating it does not do as good of a job as you cannot get the area behind the doors (below the back windows) like they can when they put the holes in there and use their wands. In order to get there you would have to almost take the body off of the frame or at least the rear tires off and take off the wheel well covers (which I don't care to do). I also got undercoating on the entire bottom of the car which seals in the open metal parts with the undercoating which you really cannot do with spray cans of undercoating (I have tried this with prior vehicles) as completely as when you take it in and they put it up on a hoist and spray it professionally. Now if you have a 10 ton hoist you might be able to do the job yourself as far as undercoating goes with a compressor and undercoating spray equipment. I firmly believe that Ziebart is worthwhile and is extra insurance for our neck of the woods. I have had other cars that have been Ziebarted before and after twenty years the body looks like any southern car that has been driving in salt-free environments. Living in the city in the midwest means lots of SALT! Sometimes it is way too cold to wash the undercarriage as soon as you would like to as it will only freeze and then you cannot open your doors the next morning (I know been there, done that), I prefer knowing that my car has been protected underneath and I can wait a few days until it thaws a little before spraying her real good. I think this is a common sense approach. I have heard the stories of how you really don't need rustproofing these days as the metal has already been treated. I do believe it has been treated, but for $200 I believe it is good extra insurance to preventing rust.
  8. I will have to look into this, as my car is my DD. Will also need that TLok before the weather gets bad.
  9. What tires? Same prob here...

    I go the same prob here :(

    I am on Long Island - New York and lately the last couple of winters have been horrible- Ice - Sleet - and snow 10+ inches at a time....

    Got my wifes 4x4 to use at times but she needs it too.... So I am looking at doing my TrueTrac and since it's going to be opened, might as well throw in 3.73 :rolleyes:

    I think I am going to go with the Dunlop M3's since they are good in all the above, just hope they are ok for when it doesn't snow or sleet or etc... My luck I'll be driving in winter tires and not an inch of snow .... Who knows.... I am looking to put the Dunlops on my existing rims and then just pick up some 17" Bullit rims in the spring :D What tires did you end up with and how are they on clear roads at highway speeds?
  10. Snow? What's snow? :rlaugh:

    After growing up in Ohio, I don't miss the winter weather down here in NC. We do get an inch or two about every year, but generally we let it melt before we go driving again! hehe

    Oh, and my other ride is a 2000 Excursion V10 if it DOES snow, I'm ready. :p

    I don't envy you guys that have all that salt and snow to deal with every year...
  11. Guys,

    Since winter is fast approaching Cleveland, Ohio. I have a couple of options. I have my stock wheels and tires which I was planning on putting on for the winter, however, I like the idea of winter tires, considering we had like 130 inches of snow last year. And I dont have a beater so I plan on driving the Stang all the time.
    Do you know if tire places buy tires back? If so, I would like to get rid of the OEM's and get winter tires mounted on the stock wheels. Also, seems like the trac lock is a good idea, if I buy it, where is a good place to get it installed?
    I dont have a mechanic or car guy to go to. What do you guys suggest?
  12. Here are the tires I am going to be putting on they are 225/55/16. The Dunlops are new and the Firestone Winterforce are used (with very little mileage on them) and I got the whole set for under $200. They fit on my stock rims and I hope they treat me right. I know they will be loud like a 4x4 but that is the price you pay for security! On the same note I picked them up on Ebay so you might want to give it a check!

    Regarding the question of buying back tires, I have heard of that before but don't know if the major players out there (Discount Tire, Firestone, etc. buy them back, but I have heard of gas stations doing that).

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  13. I'd recommend going to a mechanic (transmission specialist if you can find one) for the T-Lok install. It ran me 2.5 hours of labor (which was lower than his initial guess of 4-5 hours) and little stuff like differential oil. If you are fairly mechanically inclined, I hear it is still tricky to do yourself, although they didn't need shims or to adjust the backlash on mine (about 2300 miles and I put a 7.5" T-Lok in, and maybe I just got lucky, too).
  14. where in upstate are you

    I am in Elmira, and haven't seen any 05's around here, hoping to find someone close to help me some mods