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  1. Since I haven't posted much lately I figured I would start a post and cover 2005 for me/amanda and the vehicles and the adventures within.

    I finished college (2 year auto program and other classes) and graduated with a 3.8 CGPA. I skipped my graduation to drive 16 hours to St Loius, MO to race at the World Ford Challenge. I went for broke in the V8 which didn't run worth a crap but netted 22 12.71 runs in a row. After overcoming 350 racers and cutting a .002 light I ran out of nitrous about 200 feet shy of the finish line. I ended up with a check for $50 instead of the $400 and feel I like a earned that round. Shortly after that during the Pro 5.0 racing I went out on the track (as a scheduled part of the event) and proposed to my long time girlfriend Amanda or mustangrn on here. Defiantely a blast and I'll see everybody again next year.

    I worked compulsively on the pinto but alot of the welding work will need to be cut out and redone. Hopefully making its first run in late 06.

    In August I started at a ford dealership as a technician and continued to work at autozone. So I worked 7 days for about 5 months. I completed my ASe tests and earned the Master Tech title, A/C license and have become Ford certified in electrical and electronic systems.
    More vehicles also got added to the arsonal as well. We picked up another 93 lightning that is amandas daily driver. I recently bought myself a white 00 F350 Crew cab, dually, diesel, 6spd, 4x4. On the very first day of owning it I had already installed the Superchips power programmer and what a difference.

    The property the garage I was renting was sold so I moved out of a garage I was nicely settled into. I am building a larger shop here at my house soon to replace it.

    As for the Green coupe: I made a bunch of changes and nothing seemed to pick it up any. I added badly needed subframes, did a cute little P/S delete, adjustable cam gear, and got a set of weld pro-stars. THATS RIGHT!!! for anybody that doesn't know. I'm very cheap and sitting here with my glasses duct taped together. But my green car finally has matching wheels. I stepped a up tire size to 28x11.50 and went to 4.56 gears....WRONG... according to the video I only go about 8 feet in first.


    I'm getting tired so I'm done for now but I have a bunch of pictures to post in thread as the week goes by.


    I'll also give the current specs and plans for the pinto.


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  2. simply wow..
  3. Hey, you forgot to mention your "Modded, Sprayed" 351's trap speed...nor did you compare it to the "Stock, Sprayed" 2.3...
  4. Christ man, how much are they paying you? I shoulda stuck with auto mechanics!

  5. Ok I'll put it this way.
    351w in tube suspension caged car plus a 125 shot.
    versus stock 2.3 stock suspension limited bolt-ons 20psi/100shot

    The 2.3 wins EVERY SINGLE TIME in heads up racing. I'm to the point I'm so happy with the way the v8 "CAR" is set-up I'm probably going to slam together another stock 2.3 for it. :)

    I wouldn't think too much into it. I'm at a pretty good paying dealership. I was also working side jobs out of the garage too.

    Today I was called about a job at the new local speedway that opened last year. It turned out to be something I can't refuse and the owner runs a huge machine shop so I see me benefiting from the in a big way. So I'll be there saturday, sunday, and thursday nights late and stay at the dealership.

    There was another thing I forgot to mention. Hey stinger, Next time you come out this way I have another vehicle to take you for a ride in. Actually mom and dad will have to do the "driving". They bought a Cessna 172 over the summer and they both fly. The only thing I've gotten to fly much is the acrobatic plane that does loops, rolls and some wild things I never larned the names of. As long as the schedule holds together I'll be skydiving some in the spring.
  6. Next time? Are you thinking I'd actually want to come visit you again?

    You better find a smokin' deal on a bad-ass car to "convince" me to visit...
  7. T-bird plus a tubbed version?
  8. Here's the pinto just before I moved it back to the house nearly looking like a car again. The only thing left body wise was to make window brackets...for the home-made lexan and plexi glass windows and maybe put the doors back on.


    Here the caption would read "YES!! I can see my house from here". A pic from moms plane down on the house. It looks way worse now that all the vehicles are there again.


    Check out this dork. If he ever saw how rough I am with the green car he wouldn't have let me fly that thing.


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  9. Nice photos :)
  10. Here's a few weeks ago on a day too cold to be driving up on the mountain and definately way too cold to try and jump out to take pictures.

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  11. Big truck...makes you look like a midget...
  12. Its actually a small truck and I am a midget.