Expired Winter Wheel Set

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  1. I am located in the DC/MD/VA area

    235/50 R18 Michelin X-Ice3, 18 X 8 Ford racing wheels - M-1007-P188MB , and TMPS. Winter tires are necessary to drive in snow and slush safely. Don't risk crashing your stang or getting caught in a blizzard. Don't let salt and dirt eat your nice rims.






    http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Michelin&tireModel=X-Ice Xi3&partnum=35HR8XI3XL&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes

    Ford Racing Wheel - Matte Black (Part No: M-1007-P188MB): Levittown Ford Super Center

    Considering shipping costs the tires and wheels alone are over $1500 (I paid more). $150 for the TMPS, and $150 for the spacers. Please shop around for a comparison. I posted some links above.

    You get: Tires/Wheels, Original Ford TMPS installed inside. Optional - one pair of H&R Spacers to clear Brembo brakes as a set (If necessary).

    PRICE: $750.00 - Picked up. We can program the TMPS to your car if you pick up the wheels with your car.

    Shipping is extra as is the spacers.

    202 476-0086
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  2. Price reduced to $750.00. Still available and plenty of snow these days.
  3. Where are you located in Germany?
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