Winterizing a dormant stang

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  1. right now the car is covered up sitting outside in snow and am wondering if or what i should use to keep it all good for spring ' do you guys add anything to your cars. Is it nessasary to keep it plugged in if its not going to move till spring Thanks guys.
  2. Mines in a shed but this is what I have done.

    Place a tarp or better yet plastic drop cloth under it. This helps keep moisture from collecting under it and rotting it out. I also park it on some scrap wood. I dunno if this helps perserve the tires but it does keep the tarp from sticking to them.

    I fill the tank and put stabil in it. I also change the oil so that the old stuff isn't sitting in the pan all winter. Throw a few dryer sheets in the interior. This is supposed to keep mice out but it also makes it a bit less musty come spring. Since its going to be outside I would probably keep the snow off of it and away from it. snow mounded up around it traps moist air up against it. Air circulation is good. Some people put steel wool in the exhaust. This allows the pipes to breath but still keeps critters out. I don't do this but mice aren't an issue for me.

    Theres some debate on wether you should start it or not. I leave mine off untill its ready to be woken in late march. If you do decide to routinely start it you should let it get up to operational temp before you shut it down. Some argue that this can't be done with just idling so you should drive it.

    My start routine is pretty simple. I reinstall my battery but disconnect the coil wire. I then crank the engine a bit to ciculate the oil. Then I reconnect the wire and fire her up, let her idle, and drive her easy until I've burnt through half a tank. Oh and I change the oil ASAP.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  3. :) By filling up the tank this keeps moisture from building up in the tank right' and its a good idea to put fuel stablizer in it aswell. thanks for replies:)
  4. Staybil is the ****. I keep it in my 02 where it sits alot and it keeps the gas from getting funky.
  5. All the above plus:

    If the car is going to sit for a long time outside you need to worry about
    condensation inside the engine as well as out. You should lube the cylinders with any fogging oil available at a local boat shop or even WalMart if you are lucky. If you can't find fogging oil you can use regular motor oil. Put a few healthy squirts of either into each cylinder and rotate the motor either by hand or using DmnStr8's method above. This will coat the cylinders, valve seats and piston rings with oil preventing rust from happening where you want it the least.

    Change the oil before you store it and don't start it between here and there. Doing so will cause issues with the oil since the oil will not get hot enough to burn off any condensation. No need to change it again in the spring.

    Overinflate the tires to prevent flat spots.

    A few small pie tins filled with moth balls under the hood and elsewhere are a good way to keep mice from eating your spark plug wires and pooping under your intake manifold. For some reason they like to do this...don't ask me how I know.

    If you have any billet or uncoated aluminum you don't want pitted, spray with WD40 or the like and give things a wipe. In the spring wash down with any dish detergent to remove.

    And that should do it.
  6. I like to start mine and let it run up to Operating Temps about once a Month like the Owners Manual Recommends. I use Sta-Bil, a couple boxes of Flow Through Baking Soda Boxes inside the car to absorb any Moisture.
  7. i start mine up once twice a month, i dont use stableizer tho. i put dryer sheets inside the car for moisture, moth balls under hood for bugs rodents and other insects..
  8. Stabil in the gas tank for sure. I also put a bar of irish spring soap inside. It keeps rodents out. I don't change the oil until spring when I'm ready to use it.
  9. I keep Moth Balls under the front of the car, Bounce sheets under the hood, Irish Spring Soap Bars under the car, and Glue Boards around my Tires.