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  1. Okay Unfortunate for me! I just went out to check my car tonight... and to my suprise there is slush in the radiator and hoses... doesnt feel fully frozen... what should I do? I normally have enough Anti Freeze in the car. But it has gotten down in the negatives here wich is unuaslly cold here and damnit... Any one have a good solution.
  2. i think i would start it with the cap off to melt what is in there before it gets hard, then i would add some.. Get a antifreeze checker and make sure you have an optimal mix... they should only cost a few bucks.

  3. If it's in the negatives and it's still slush, then it probably won't freeze solid.

    I'd say your best bet would be to drain off a bit of the mix, and add some straight antifreeze...and yes, get one of the testers to find out what your ratio is right now.

    A couple years ago I put my thunderbird away for the winter with that "stops overheating" stuff in it which is 80% water. It didn't freeze when temps got in the 20's, but come Jan-Feb when it went down to the single digits, it did freeze, but it wasn't frozen solid, just froze into a bunch of "flakes" of ice. However, the engine was unharmed.