Wiper Malfunction

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by hot red 2000, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. I discovered this weekend that my windshield wipers began to "hang-up" in the delay mode,but would work fine in "high" or "low" steady wiping...I am sure this is an electrical problem.Does anyone have any further input on this? I hope it doesn't result in completly replacing the wiper motor.Any ideas ...let me hear from you!!!
  2. the wiper linkadge is prolly bent, some how, you should take it some where to get it fixed before you burn up the motor from putting all that stress on the motor where it's binding some where...
  3. I know this may sound ignorant, but how could the linkage become bent? :doh:
  4. perhpas something got caught in there, or you tried to get the snow off your car with your windshield wiper...
  5. When turned Off from the Hi gh or Low running position, do your wipers always park in the full down position?
  6. No, They do not always "park" in the down position. What is your concern on that?
  7. Maybe the bent linkage? But then again, have you ever removed the wiper arms and maybe you did not get it back on the right spot to 'park' in the downward position.
  8. Well, let me rephrase, they do return to the down position once you get them from hanging up and back to off.I am thinking it it in the wiper switch itself,maybe the delay mode is gone or has a short in it.They work fine in high or low.I don't seem to think the linage is bent.If it is in the switch,how difficult is that to replace.It looks as if you can do it by removing the steering colum covers and get access to it.Someone fill me in.