wiper question...HELP!

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by mustangmat99, May 5, 2006.

  1. im fixing to trade in my mustang : ( i know i know..but heres the problem, my wipers do not work. The fuse is good. So good, i have connected things to the fuse for the wiper, and it worked but when the fuse is in there by itself. i get nothing. Could it be the relay? i dont know why it just wouldnt work...and i never had any problems with it, one day it worked..one day it didnt. PLEASE HELP
  2. Check for any breaks in the wiring first (probably not), then try the relay. After that, other than pullin the motor out to test it, that's it.

    Then send me your SC, Injectors, and fuel pump.:nice:
  3. see...thank you...i can always count on you to reply, i see your name on alot of posts..hence the reason you have over 1100 posts...now about the relay? what do i do to check it or what not? im getting rid of the car wed or thursday of next week...so i need to get that wiper problem fixed...i doubt the wires are broken...i live in s.e. texas..we dont get TOO to much rain, i dont see why the motor would be out...but ill look into it, i just need more explanation on the relay and what to do to see if it works, or if i need to replace it...do i have to go to ford?
  4. I've had a few old Frods before, and the relays on th wipers get pretty loud. That's how I knew that they were working, but in your situation, that wouldn't be the case. Just go to AutoClone and get a new one, there's nothing in there you can really fix. If that doesn't work, your last option I think would be the actual wiper motor.:(

    Most of my 1100+ posts have been mostly bashing people. J/K:rolleyes:
  5. well i appreciate the help...and hey, alot of people deserve bashing for what they do to there mustangs :D
  6. go to the gas station and get a squegee and whn it rains just stick it out the window to wipe the window and there you go problem solved or maybe just take it to pick your part and they might give you some money but im guessing they will just tow it for free