Wire Attached to Solenoid is Draining Battery


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Mar 14, 2011
Hey All.

When this Black and White wire is attached to the Solenoid, the battery drains in about 6 hours. When I hook up jumper cables I also get sparks when grounding the Negative Cable. So I've been leaving the battery disconnected, then connect it back when I want to drive. When I connect it back, whichever cable I connect second, sparks as well. With this wire disconnected, no spark when connecting the battery cables.

It runs into a harness that goes through the Firewall to the right of the Brake Booster just above the fuse panel. I checked underneath there, but there are too many wires bundled together, so it's hard to trace.

I did the typical Parasitic Draw test by connecting a test light to the battery and pulled fuses one by one, and the light stayed on through each one, so no luck there.
Check the Radio and Amp and those are it.

Any ideas to what this wire is connected to? With it disconnected, the Engine still starts.

93' 2.3L Automatic
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Apr 16, 2015
Try disconnecting the wire with draw and then probe the fuse panel for a dead circuit. Maybe probe the fuse panel first to see what is live, then disconnect the wire and check the panel for dead spots. The offensive wire could be connected to multiple fuses so your test of pulling one at a time could be misleading.

Highlighted the connected fuses.


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Sep 8, 2002
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A few pictures would be great.

Does everything in your car work?

You should be able to measure a draw at the battery with it disconnected compared to when it is connected.