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Aug 18, 2020
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Hello. New here. I’m working on my sons 88 2.3 mustang. It’s running pretty good. Been chasing my tail with the fuel pump because it constantly runs. While checking different wires under the hood I found one that is disconnected. I can’t figure out what it goes to. I haven’t found it in the wiring diagrams. It’s a red wire and a orange wire together and it appears to be somewhere around the fuel injectors, but it’s not one of those. It was laying across the firewall over where the wiring harness comes through for the ecm. Any idea what it could be and where it goes? Thanks


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Nov 19, 2018
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This connector is for an automatic transmission. I recently swapped my auto for a T-5, and this was one of my unused connectors. Mine just sits in the engine bay now, zip tied out of the way. If your car is a 5spd, you don't need it. If it's an automatic, check the driver's side of the trans for a missing connection. I don't remember off-hand what that connector does, but it controls a solenoid there on the side.

EDIT: Went and snapped a few pictures. First one shows the connector, and the second shows where the wire comes from, splitting off of the harness running against the valve cover. Is this the one you're referring to?


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Apr 22, 2002
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Unrelated to this connector, but to your fuel pump running issue... when I replaced my fuel pump switch under the drivers seat I accidentally pulled out a wire from the connector without realizing it. This caused the fuel pump to run even with the ignition off... took me a day of hard thinking to get to that conclusion. I don't know if the switch can malfunction like that, or if it has to be a wiring issue like I had, but if you haven't been through that switch you may want to check it out. Worst case it's a $17 part.