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  1. I'm about to install a 4 channel amp, components, and a new deck. I want to have the amp in the trunk (of course) and all the speakers are in stock locations. What length have you guys been getting your RCA's and speaker wire in? And what brands have you guys noticed work well or insulate against noise well?
  2. I have always had good luck with Monster and Phoenix Gold RCA's. Depending on how your route the RCA's, where you mount the amp, 15 feet length should do it. You can always go the safe route with 20 feet. You never know. Make sure your negative off your amp is as short as possible. Good Luck! As for speaker wire, buy a spool so you can route and cut. Much easier that way!
  3. good to know, thanks.:nice:
  4. I purchased 17 footers, the wire is a bit long but I'm currently just coiling it up under the seat. I will post some pictures tonight of the install for anyone in the future that wants some ideas on how to do components in our cars.
  5. PIC'S

    Pictures (gotta put a keyword in for the searchers):D
    The rear speaker pod after I was done with it. I pulled all the stock wires and hid the spliters inside. I also used silicon to plug up the holes as if would matter.
    How I put the tweeters in the doors, I didn't take pics of the woofersint he doors because that's pretty basic.

    And a quick crappy shot of the deck.

    I have to replace that center trim piece anyway so pay no attention to that.

    I have a 10' sub and didn't think the setup in my trunk with the two amps looks good enough to show off yet, it defiantly sounds much better. I'm still tweeking it though.

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