Wire Tappers

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by wallfruit, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Okay i am installing my white gauges, and i have read that it is easier to get wire tappers, to tap into the brown wire for my power to the gauges, But i went to Sears Hardware and asked them if they sold them, and they told me they never heard of tappers for what i am attepmting to do, but they said that the sell something along the same idea, but that they are made for tapping into phone lines and so forth. Are these the same thing, or are they different? Thanks for the help!!!!!
  2. wire strippers*...
  3. lol...thats what i thought it was, thought there might have been something different that i had'nt heard of before
  4. IF what you mean by tappers is a device where you lay one wire in a plastic device with two chanells, then lay the new wire in a channel next to it and close a plastic cover which forces a metal fork shaped device through the insulation energizing both wires, hard to explain but that's how it works. I wouldn't use it. They look like a good idea but I have seen them used in standard wiring (120v) and a couple of years later fail, sometimes heating & melting. They also don't like to be flexed which will happen in a car. I'd put an insulated splitter in so you can disconnect if you need to in the future for service.
  5. Run your wires for power directly to the fuse panel in the passenger compartment. Like my volt gauge is hooked to the headlights, so when I turn the headlights on the backlight come on.

    The A/F gauge is hooked to come on with something when the key is in the on position. Not only that but you also have a fuse that way to blow if something goes wrong!
  6. thanks for the help everybody i got them installed last night and they look SWEET!!!..... But i will give a warning to anybody that installs them....DON'T SHOW ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS THAT OWN A FORD VEHICLE WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, OR THEY WILL BEG YOU TO INSTALL THEM IN THEIR VEHICLE :)
  7. Are you talking about the little blue things where you clamp it down on the wire making a splice (tapping in to the wire)? you can get those at any autoparts store