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  1. Been awhile since I have posted but need some help. I noticed the other day when I was teaching my gf to drive stick that there was some light smoke coming up from the steering column so we parked it till i had time to look at it. Well today I got a chance to look at it and the main harness that plugs in to the column. The wire that is getting the hottest is the light gray wire with a yellow stripe. I was hoping some one could tell me were that wire goes in the dash. I also had this problem once before were the same connector had gotten brittle and cracked so I took the connector and a section of wire from my parts car and up it on mine.
  2. Recall

    There was a recall on the directional, wiper, hi/low-beam switch. I had problems with my 85 mustang. Same problem with burning smell. I installed a new one and had no problems after that. I am waiting for my 92 to develop the same problem. I know it will unless the previous owner had it fixed already.
  3. Was your directional, wiper, hi/low-beam switch smoking and getting to hot or was it causing the harness to melt? if that all my problem is that would be great i think i have an extra one laying around.
  4. Its hard to say where the smell was coming from. After I got the switch out, it clearly smelled of burning insulation but to be honest, so did the wiring harness in the column. The wires were a bit cooked/discolored near the switch. I suspect both the wires and the switch were both burning but the Switch was the culprit. The problem did not come back after I installed a new switch. I am just glad I did not have a fire. :)
  5. ---Right and left Oxygen Sensors? Dunno. Check here for a whole mess of wiring diagrams.

    ---Other than that, I would say it probably goes to the component fuse that is over-sized. This would be why a larger fuse is not the answer for a fuse that keeps popping. Same use to happen in home wiring, before circuit breakers, when screw-in fuses were replaced with larger fuses, or even a quarter!!! Wiring burns if the fuse can't pop. Not sayin you did, PO is usually the answer where PO means P*ss Off as much as it means Previous Owner.

    ---Juts keep tellin her it wasn't her fault.