Wiring aftermarket Radio in 95 Gt- Help!

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  1. I am putting a sony deck into a 95 gt replacing the stock radio/tape deck and the stock cd player. The wiring install kit I got works for the power wires but not the speakers, the clip does not match up. It has the mach system if that matters. What connector do I need for the speakers?
  2. That one above is for a standard non-amped system. You need the one that has the same grey conector but the black is a small square one.

    Scosche prt# 70-1550-1
  3. Yea going with the Scosche kit and a regulator for amp "pop". Also found this write up.....

    "05-02-2005, 10:03 AM
    EDIT: This is a write-up I wrote a long time ago and have since lost a couple of original screen shots that I made. I will try and find them and add them to complete the write-up. I have added the screen shot of the adapter and voltage regulator wiring diagram.

    *Click here (http://www.crutchfield.com/App/Product/Item/Main.aspx?search=scosche+amp+interface&i=142C4FDK5) to see the exact Scosche Factory System Integration Adapter that I purchased for this project.

    *The aftermarket deck I am using this adapter with is a Sony CDX-MP40.

    How to install an aftermarket deck while utilizing the stock Mach 460 Amps & Speakers. This install took me about 1 hour start to finish. If you take your time and do it right it's not that difficult at all.

    Note: This install may not work at all on '03 - '04 models due to a change in the deck and amp interface. 2003 & up models may need a FDK9 car stereo wiring harness.

    #1 - You will need a SCOSCHE OEA-4 FACTORY AMP INTERFACE ADAPTER w/OEA-4 HARNESS. A SCOSCHE FAI-3A will also work in most cases.

    #2 - You will need a 5 Volt Fixed Voltage Regulator (Radio Shack #276-1770) to eliminate amplifier pop when you turn the system on. You will install this between the deck and the scosche adapter on the Amp REM Wire (Amp Remote Turn-on wire it's usually blue or blue/white - some brands may vary) Why: Because the Ford Mach deck in most cases uses a 5V amp signaling voltage to turn on the amps and most the aftermarket decks use a 12V amp signaling voltage and that will cause that annoying pop when you turn on the deck.

    #3 - You will need to properly adjust the output level gain controls after the install to get it to sound right. This is an important step, so take your time and do it right. Note: There will not be a great deal of room to work with inside that dash recess after installing the scosche adapter+deck. So, becareful and don't just force it back when mounting the deck+adapter.

    #4 - I have included 3 screenshots to better facilitate the intallation process.

    1st screenshot is a wiring illustration. (still trying to find my original screenshot)

    2nd screeshot is a how to adjust the output level & wire color code chart. (still trying to find my original screenshot)

    3rd screenshot is a wiring how to for the voltage regulator.