Wiring Electric Fan

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  1. Hey guys haven't been here in awhile but good news..I've recently acquired a 1988 fox with a turbo coupe motor in it. It needs work but I have hope. What I need help with now is the wiring for the fan. It didn't come wired when i got the car so i figured I would put a switch in like my last car (1993 mustang, hence the name). Does the diagram i drew up seem ok?

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  2. Wiring looks good except one thing. I assume its a blunder - but the hot ignition wire to dash switch should be on it's own lug at the switch and the other goes to relay. I assume third lug on switch is ground for the light on the switch.
  3. So i would just need to splice a wire from the ignition to the switch? what amperage fuse do you recommend for the wire between the battery and relay?