Wiring glowshift gauges.....


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Jul 15, 2018
Port Mcnicoll Ontario
No where to post this so im just gonna leave this here... Im a total newb when it comes to wiring and electrical... gimme a motor i can rebuild it,, gimme a tranny i can rebuild it... but give me gauges to install and i draw a HUGE blank..... And i honestly feel stupid because of it,, Now to my question..

When installing gauges and wiring them to a 12v source so they work when you turn on the headlights.. what wire do i splice into.. I really dont care about the dimming feature but i would like them to light up when i turn my headlights on.. Honestly i couldnt care if they lit up.. but would be nice to see them while night driving.. so How the hell do i go about hooking them up.. does anyone have a Diagram for dummies that show the 12v switched and 12v unswitched wires on the headlight switch... man i feel stupid for asking... but im totally drawing a blank. Thanks in advance. Ps. Thats Blucifer in the pic. 302 Boss powered Gt40x xcam rocking Badass..


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Aug 27, 2012
In the garage
just tap it into the + wire off the light switch when you turn the parking lights on . You can uses a simple T electric connector with a inline 5 amp use.