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  1. i got my wiring harness today and it has two different plugs, the main one with all the speaker wires on it and then one that has some RCAs and 2 remote wires (blue with white stripe), my question is how come there are 2 remote wires, and what do i do with the other one?? or do i just connect them all together??
  2. There are two remote wires because there are two amps. You need to connect them together, but you will also need to add a 1500 ohm resistor between the aftermarket deck remote wire and the two remote wires on the aftermarket harness. If you don't do this you will get a very loud and annoying turn on pop.
  3. iight thanks alot

  4. you got a diagram on wiring that resistor?
  5. if you're having the popping noise when your amps turn on...there's three possible reasons why.

    1.) you dont have an electronic x-over built into your cd player.
    2.) you wired something wrong, or there is an exposed wire, bad connection
    3.) you've got a bad ground somewhere.

    i just put a Pioneer 5900IB in my 2002 Mustang GT, and everything went well, and I had no issues, no problems, and no popping noise, and the sound is killer!
  6. If you use the correct Metra harness using a resistor is not required.
  7. In the 11 years that i've been an installer I've found that most aftermarket decks will create a turn on pop. Some will not. The reason that it does it is because the factory Ford amps use less than 12 volts to turn on, and with aftermarket decks that begin to play output signal before the turn on lead powers up there is always (in my experience) going to be some sort of pop. Sometimes it's loud, sometimes it's not.

    For the person that asked for a diagram of where the resistor goes here is a simple drawing. The only wires that are shown are the blue/white remote turn on leads. The two black/white wires on the Metra harness still need to be connected to the black wire from the deck harness to work properly. Hope this helps.


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