Wiring harness issue

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  1. I have a 2000 without the mach system. it has the two headunits - one cd the other is the radio/tape and i wanted to put in aftermarket pioneer headunit. i have a wiring harness and i have been able to get power to the new headunit but cant get speakers connected, the speaker harness doesn't match anything in the car's wiring we managed to find what looks to be an amp under the cd player and it looks to be the only thing that could be hooked up to the speakers. [​IMG]
    does that look like what i should be looking for?
    is there anyway/should i be bypassing the amp using the preamp on the new headunit to the speakers?

    getting pretty damn fed up. any ideas?
  2. I just picked up a harness today and it works great.

    I also have a 2000GT (without MACH). The harness is a Metra 80-5511. All of the color codes were exactly the same. Be advised that there are different versions of wiring harness as I learned today.

    Although we do not have the MACH system, we do have an amplifier. If you connect the harness exactly the same it should work with your aftermarket HU.

    I am in no way an expert on this topic. I am just going by today's experience.

    I hope this helps.