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  1. I don't get on here much but a friend of mine has started repairing old harness. He covers 64.5 thru 73. He can swap yours for a completed one, repair yours, modify yours, or guide you in lost wiring problems. He hangs out on other sites as Midlife, restored his own '66 and did the harness in my '66. His prices are considerably less than anything else I have seen. Let him know where you saw this at also. Thanks.

    This is his add copied from another site so don't look for updates here as things may change.

    "I have the following refurbished underdash harnesses available for sale. Costs are $175 with a $50 core charge:
    1965 Falcon/swept speedometer version
    1965 GT version
    1966 sold
    1967 standard (no tach, air, or fog lamps). This harness has no splices or repairs at all!
    1967 OEM tach
    1968 standard
    1969 standard with air conditioning sold
    1969 OEM tach sold
    1970 standard

    I have numerous other harnesses ready for refurbishment, including tach versions for 1967, 1969 AC, and 1970 AC. I have limited access to '71-73 harnesses. I have no 1964.5 harnesses in inventory.

    I refurbish every harness with a detailed inspection, repair of any broken wires, exposed insulation, missing connectors, etc. All harnesses are guaranteed to meet the OEM form, fit, and function. Every harness comes with a two year warranty, no questions asked, a full set of new fuses, and a printout of wire color, number, connector, function, and where each wire connects to. I pay for all outgoing shipping. My aim is to give you 100% satisfaction; if you are unhappy with any harness, simply return it and I will refund all of your money.

    I can refurbish your existing harness for $175, which includes all of the above. I also will buy used underdash harnesses, particularly 64.5, 66, and 71-73.

    Contact Randy Jacobson at [email protected] or Private Message me.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.