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  1. I got the ez wiring harness and things are going well until I got to the headlight switch. Mine looks nothing like the diagram. the one in the diagram provided has 5 wires going to it, and mine has 8 slots for wires. I believe mone is different becvause I have an alternator and the one in the instructions is for a generator.
    mine has 3 connectors on top, 2 in the middle, and 3 on the bottom.

    Can anyone walk me through how I need to hook it up?

    I have 65 coupe w/ 289


    The one referenced in the diagram in the EZ Wiring manual:

  2. OK, I guess you using the EZ wiring diagram, and you've just realized why it kinda sucks for what you're doing. You will need to get a diagram that is specific to your stang and compare the two.

    When I redid my wiring using the EZ harness I reused my old plugs. So I crimped connected the EZ wires to the old leads out of the plug. All you have to do is get the wires to the right leads, and for that you need a wiring diagram so you can figure out which pin on you headlight switch goes to what.

    You can look at my webpage here http://webpages.acs.ttu.edu/jikelly/wiring_notes.htm I placed my wiring notes (what wires went where) on there. The light switch is under the steering column stuff. Pleas make note that my stang is a 73 so the colors of the wires may be different than they are on your year.
  3. The new ignition switches (repo) have an extra plug which is never used, if your headlight switch is new, it may be the case. Check the connections that need to be plug into the switch, and just connect those.

    Here is a webpage that has wiring diagrams, for 64 1/2 to 68 models, its year specific:


    hope you find it useful
  4. Also,

    I do have the plug that goes to this headlight switch and I can just splice the wiring harness wires to the wires coming off the light switch.

    The problem is there are 12 wires coming out of my headlight switch and the wiring harness only has the following four that connect to the switch:
    tail park light
    front park light
    dimmer switch
    headlight power
  5. I figured all mine out and made a diagram,I will get it out and post it asap.FYI the Chiltons manual for early cars have great schematics in them.
  6. Excellent, that helps a lot. so here is where I need help. Look at the image below and see if you can help me answer these questions.

    1. I have a wire coming from the fuse box labeled "dome" light which I found out is the courtsey lamp. I wired it to the light itself. should I wire this to D1 and run another wire from D2 to tha light itself?

    2. I have one called headlight power from the fuse box which I assume goes to H

    3. Front and Tail lamps are self explanitory I have both of those wires coming from the fuse panel

    No clue what brake switch feed is
    No clue about Dash Ind Fuse
    I dont see a battery feed either.

    Using the EZ wiring 21 circuit harness by the way.
  7. The Dome light wire should first run to D1 on your headlight switch and then D2 should run to your courtesy lamp.

    Headlight power is the main power for you headlights and headlight switch. It needs to connect to B

    You brake lights work off a switch that's a pain to get to on your column. It gets activated when you depress the brake pedal. After looking at my notes, and the diagram for your year, it looks like headlight power goes to it through a circuit breaker in the headlight switch. So the brake stop switch wire from the harness goes to the Brake Stop Switch on the column. You need to add a wire from your headlight switch pin A to the other side of the Brake light switch. You must get this one right. You might check with your multi meter and make sure that I'm correct that the white Brake Switch wire give continuity with your brake light wires.

    The Dash Ind Fuse is for you dash panel lights. The headlight switch provides power through it's dimmer circuit to the dash lights. It (pin I) needs to be connected to the ind pnl wire on the EZ harness. That wire should go through the fuse box and then to you instrument panel lights. The instrument panel lighting gave me fits. You will have to make the ground wires for each and every lamp. Draw you a schematic and then create that portion of the harness from quality wire.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  8. For Future Reference

  9. For Future Reference

    If you are using the EZ Wiring Harness and you have the larger headlight switch that doesn't match their provided diagram, here is how it is to be wired:

    Tim65GT I had to modify your image a buit for the EZ harness wire labeling. Hope you don't mind

  10. Good idea, now if anyone else is wiring your type of harness, the info is here all "Dissfigured" out for them...:nice:
  11. link

    i know this is waaaay old, but is that link still around for that headlamp switch? thanks
  12. bueler??? anyone? still no answer.
  13. You mean the switch diagram?

  14. yeah but is that the one for the ez wiring set up? I pmd him and no answer yet. I should remind peeps that there is no power supply yet in the car. I was thinking of running a small amp charger to the power wire and ground so i could at least test the system and run the rest of the wires.
  15. Yo dissfigured. what happened to your ez wiring to the o.e. ford switch diagram??? that you modified tims pic. with???