Electrical Wiring Help - Alternator and Battery


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Apr 11, 2021
Anaheim, CA
I am in need of some help with wiring my alternator - starter - battery in my 65 Mustang. I am doing a full restomod (car has been gutted and is being completely built back up) and can't seam to get a concise answer on the best way to wire my 140a 1-wire alternator with a PMGR Starter and my battery located in the trunk. I started with a painless 22-Circ wiring kit and have done some rework to fit all the new items (Vintage Air, Power Windows/Locks, iKey Remote/Push button start, Derale Fan Controller, 535T Window Control, upgraded stereo, dakota digital gauges, Detroit speed wiper kit, etc). My challenge is the best way to wire the alternator and starter since my battery has been relocated to the trunk.

I have looked at many posts about using a starter solenoid in the trunk and was hoping to avoid that as I don't think I need to keep it with the new starter, BUT then I am not sure where to wire the ignition switch to (the ign switch will go thru the neutral safety switch to either a starter solenoid or ?

I was going to run it like this;
  1. 6 Ga from alternator to starter & 16 Ga wire to fuse block
  2. 2 Ga from starter to dist block under dash (dist block connected to Vintage Air (30a), Maxi Fuse, Power Windows (30a), Derale Fan Controller, Window Control Module, etc)
  3. 6 Ga from dist block to battery (in trunk)
I am not sure if these wire sizes are OK and confused as to where to connect the ignition switch to if I omit the starter solenoid.

Here is where I am at with the wiring diagram (this shows a battery cable to the starter solenoid which would be omitted).

Wiring Diagram.jpg

Thanks !
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