wiring help for 2.3

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  1. hey guy's I bought a 2.3 for a 93 mustang and the motor that came out of it had the coil pack and 8 plugs. the problem is the motor I bought doesnt and it has a dist. the motor did come out of a 93. Will I have to change the whole wiring harness or is there some kind of kit I can buy.
  2. you can swap the head, intake and such from the dp 93 engine to the earlier engine. you need the block off for the dist and IIRC everything else will bolt in fine, and you use the 93 harness
  3. also this is based off the assumption you are putting a n/a engine back in.
  4. hey thanks that sounds like the easiest thing to do. I'm new in hear and I didn't think anyone would answer so quick thanks again
  5. No Problem. Just for your refrence in the future when you have a question like this feel free to post it in The Tech forum. Most of us do not always look in the talk forum.
    If you have any other questions/issues feel free to ask!