Wiring in engine without using factory harness

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  1. Well, here goes. I bought a 1984 mustang mini-stock off of a guy. The car had no motor or tranny, no wiring in it. Well i have since built a 2.3 out of a turbo block, 30 over, flat top pistons, 10:1 comp, esslinger water pump, esslinger left turn oil pan and pick up tube, esslinger timing and crank gear, Holley 2 barrel intake with a holley 350 carb, homemade thru-firewall header. Well, i want to get it put together, but i am stuck on picking out an ignition system. I'm looking to go for just a dual point set up, with a coil, but I'm unsure whats best to get. I seen at racer walsh they offer a mallory dual point dist, and coil for like 250 bucks. This is my first crack at this type of igntion system. I want to keep it as simple yet effective as possible.

    When we did my buddies dirt track novice car. We just used the points dist, condensor, and coil. Wired the dist to one side of the coil, energized the coil directly off the battery(with a kill switch) and hooked up the vacumm advance. It was really simple and worked, Thats what i want to do to this 2.3..
  2. personally id use the stock style electronic distrubtor and an msd 6al box very simple to wire up ill dig up a diagram if u want me too :)
  3. i'd appreciate that.
  4. straight out of the msd book
    msd box --------------what it hooks to
    red -------------------constant hot
    black -----------------batt ground
    green -----------------violet on dist
    violet----------------- orange on dist
    white ---------------- dont use (tape up)
    small red-------------- switch power
    black ------------------coil ground
    orange --------------- coil power
    (dont use black on ford dist)
    hope this helps
  5. the 6al has worked well for me.