Wiring instructions for turbo swap

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by 89Stang, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Need wiring info for an 85 TC 5 spd + motor going into an 89 Coupe 2.3 auto.

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  3. Search how do I do that?
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    lok actually I did look a bit but figured eh I had enough lol
  4. Get an 87-88 TC computer...it will simplify matters (and run better).
  5. maybe so, but he is trying to do this swap as cheaply as possible. he has the recipient car, and he has the donor car. just needs direct swap info to use the parts he has
  6. Are you going to swap the T5 into it also?
  7. Well, he can compare pinouts himself to figure out the wiring or he can spend 70 bux for an LA3 (or 45 for an LB3) and follow directions that are already available.
  8. there is something to be said for KNOWING it will work. trust me.

    try putting a computer in a '75 mustang from scratch.... If i could have paid someone to say, ohh this goes there, that goes there, i woulda paid $200!!! instead i spent 3 weeks learning the computer and all the wiring, so i could redesign the parts i needed to. ......although, I know my car inside out now! :D

  9. hhmmm.... might look for an LA computer
  10. Don't be cheap do it right the first time. Less problems for you in the end.
    You look around you can get an la3 anywhere from 40.00 to a 100.00. That will be best cheap investment you will get.
    The newer computer you have the better,also you can add things to the la3.