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  1. I know this won't get many views because everyone seems to hate wiring, I have done some searches which didn't turn up what I need, so here's a schematic of my electric fan wiring. I have upgraded my alternator, I have an adjustable fan controller and a 40 amp relay switch. I'm wiring up a Contour dual electric fan as a single speed on/off. Here's my schematic. Thanks in advance for any input. I'm really hoping to get this thing in this weekend (I've been putting it off for weeks!)

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  2. I'm not an expert on wiring but, as long as you have the wires going to the right spots on the relay, that should work. I dont use a controller with mine & only have a single Mark VIII fan.
  3. You don't seem to have much expectations... But here it is....


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  4. Ha. It has been kindof a drawn out upgrade. Hey, on your diagram, I'm confused with the 85 and 86 pin. The 85 pin is the ground and you have it going to the Fan temp controller. The 86 pin is the "switch" and looking at the diagram you posted I'm not sure where it's going, but it looks like it is going to the battery+. Thanks for the help man.
  5. Any help out there?
  6. The diagram stands as it is drawn - no changes. See Relay 101 for some more help with relays.
  7. Thanks man! The relay tutorial clears it up. I hate putting something together without understanding it. Thanks for posting it.
  8. Most fan controllers work by switching the ground, rather than hot leg. In fact all the controllers I have dealt with do this.
  9. That fan controller you have, if the number in the drawing is correct, is only 20 amps rated. I know everybody likes dc controllers, the so called company would not reply to my e-mails, so i went with the flexalite VSC (variable speed) controller that turns the fan on at 60 percent, then gradually goes up to 100 percent fan speed so you don't have that big 40 plus amp surge that those contour fans will give.
  10. Good call man. What is the part number of ur VSC. I'm gonna go ahead and use the one I got but I'll check urs out if mine burns up. I got mine because that's what they used in the article I'm copying for my project.
    Thermostatically Controlled Electric Fan Upgrade - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine
  11. The vsc controller i have is flx-31163 from summit racing, I bought this model because it comes with a temp probe that you insert in the upper radiator hose, you will need a radiator hose adapter, the vsc comes with the fitting and probe. Flexalite sells two radiator hose adapters but they are too big for the mustang upper radiator hose, you need an adapter with 1-1/4" inlet-outlet to fit inside the hose, do a radiator hose adapter search and you will find one, i forget where i got mine but it comes with the threaded hole for the temp probe and fitting. This model vsc comes with a redesigned heavy duty fuse holder. I installed the temp probe, fitting and probe wire under the radiator hose so its hidden and looks clean.
  12. Thanks man. Sounds like a nice setup.