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  1. Hey all had a post for some wiring info but no help!!
    So I was wondering about this vacuum and wiring manual what yrs does it cover,where can i find and whats the name of it??
  2. i have an 87 thunderbird vac an wiring manual... what are you looking for in particular... i could probably let you borrow it if you need to
  3. just read your other post... i was gonna swap my 86 tc wiring harness into my 89 stang but started looking at the stuff like you are having problems with and realized it was more hassle than it was worth... its not just the engine componets that are connected to the harness, they bundle everything up together, so it could be horns, lights, stuff like that that are different than your car... there is a good wiring diagram/schematic in the back of haynes manuals (you may need a magnifying glass casue its small) but it tells what all the circuits are and such and has diagrams of the connectors so you can follow the wires back to where they come from, and see where they end up... using an 89 harness was probably not the easiest route to take... id get out the solder gun and try and fix that svo harness if i were you. use the 89 harness for any connectors you may need and to replace sections of wire that are cut or torn and try and fix your harness, it will probably be a lot easier that way.

    if you need help i could possibly come out there (not too far away) and work on it with you... maybe also you could contact 351wcoupe (from luray Va) and see if he could help, he probably knows way more about the svos than I do.
  4. Hey i was going to try to fix the svo harness but one of the connectors that connects to one on the driverside the wire is broken right at the connector and no way of fixing unless i bypass the connector.
    Thats one of the wires that has changed color I'm pretty sure i got it down to two wires might just go ahead and leave them wires loose and sort of just try it and see if she will run. Then that should be half my battle.
    I apprecciate the offer That wouldn't be a bad idea maybe would could get together and compare notes sort of speaking. I'm a little better explaining stuff in person.
    Plus i was trying to pull the motor and throw the cam in and do some misc. stuff if this rain will quit!!!

    Give me a call Ask for larry [304]279-8392