wiring problem maybe? please help

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  1. sorry this is a bit long but tryed to give as much information as i could.. i am thinking that maybe this just maybe a ground issue but would like to know if it is more thanks alot guys...

    ok so i live in new jersey and it snowed the other night. n e ways i drove up north closer to work so i could be there if they needed me and not trapped so n e wayz go up there no problems with the car at all. get there go to bed wake up dig the car out and start it up car dies out, so i go to start again and click click click.. ok died battery so i go to jump it let the other car sit and idle for 15mins to give the bat. a bit of a charge nothing at all after that. so i call my buddie he comes over and moves the ground from the terminal to the motor car then turns over over over no start still. so we give it a bit and try again car start, so we drive it around for half hour come back home and turn it off go to see if it starts again nothing battery is died again so we jump it again (ground to the motor not on the battery) car start right up. drive around again and go to step on the brake and the check engine light comes on dash lights dim out real fast and rpms drop down this only happens for about a second and also wen i roll up the window and it gets all the way up and hold it for more then a second the battery light comes on and makes it feel like the car wants to stall out...

    mind you i had the altenator tested passed, start passed, battery 3 days old (but wen i put it in and went to start killed it right there). i think there may be a bad grounf from the battery some where what do u guys think thanks
  2. Car wants to stall on windows up.. braklights etc because it appears it's running solely off the alternator power. You NEED to check the ground cable from the battery, on the other end. Before you do that, make sure the battery ground terminal on the battery itself is in good condition. NO loose cable to terminal connections and clean off any corrosion. If that don't fix it, You'll have to get underneath the car and scrub off the ground cable terminal where it connects to the block. I'm sure a bit of road salt probably got on it and corroded the end. Aside from this, the only other possibility is that the battery you bought is toast (if it is new). I have my doubts though. I know the weather sucks right now, so maybe you can find a dry spot.. toss some plastic down, jack the car up (use jack stands , or use 2 jacks if you dont have any) . Never get under the car with just a jack holding it. Unbolt the ground cable and use a wire brush to clean off any corrosion. If corrosion is heavy, try a bit of 120 grit sandpaper. After cleaning both the terminal and the block contact surface, reattach it and then spray some battery terminal protector on it.
  3. thanks alot mustang5.0 every one elas gave me sum bull answers i have off on tuesday so im gonna work on that and my fox body will let u know how things go thanks alot
  4. car is all fixed... looked like water some how got under the ends of the terminal and rusted it out. got some new ones and the car started right up thanks for the help