Wiring problem

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  1. I had my amp "professionally" installed, it was free with installation of my new carpet, and it was wired into the wiper motor fuse for the remote turn on. Well, that tripped the fuse and the wipers wouldn't turn off. Took out the wire, everything's fine again but I have no sub obviously. Question is, where is a good place to wire this to, that won't be always on?
  2. If you are reffering to the remote power lead for your amp, you can try what I did.


    This is on an '03 please verify your proper radio fuse

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  3. Yes that's what I meant, thanks for the pic. Is that a generic tap and how much did it cost you?
  4. generic tap bought at Autozone for less than $3. Only problem is you'll have to modify your fuse box cover to get it back on. I just left mine off. :nice:
  5. Cool, I'll give it a shot
  6. Why not just t-tap into the black/pink wire in the radio harness. it's radio ignition. This would be easier. Wire a switch to it if you so desire.