Wiring question for the electrical guru's.....

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Gr0und_Fault, May 2, 2005.

  1. Ok, I'm trying to trace a problem that I'm having. I keep blowing a fuse under the dash of my 95 3.8. The fuse is #18. This fuse is listed as the fuse for the CCRM, ignition coil(coil pack), regulator signal(voltage regulator) and charging system warning lamp. I started to trace the wire from inside the compartment to the components. The Chiltons manual schematics show that their should be a red/lt green striped wire comming right off the fuse to the components. What I have comming of the fuse is a green/red striped wire, and on the other end I have a grey/white striped wire, which I believe goes to the ignition switch is for the power. The Chiltons manual does not show this green/red striped wire. Even though it's not shown in the manual, there has to be some harness or other component that this wire goes to before it gets to the components(coil pack, CCRM, etc.) I tried but I can't find where this wire goes from green/red stripe to red/lt green stripe. If anyone could help me out on this one, it would be greatly appreciated. I believe that whatever harness, or component that this wire goes to is bad. If you want to know what exact schematics I'm refering to, they are all listed here for the 3.8L engine on Autozones website:

  2. I would suggest getting your alternator tested. You can get that done at any auto store. Yours may be going bad thus causing a low draw and causing all your problems.
  3. Thanks. I'll do that later this week.
  4. it also goes to the instrument cluster for the charge indicator.

    does the fuse blow only when the engine is running or as soon as you turn the key is in the run position engine off??

  5. It was blowing as soon as you put the key in key on/engine off position, also when you try to start the car. Thanks everyone for your help, I found the problem. I ripped apart my whole car looking for the problem, but it was just a short in the ignition coil primary wiring, as the OBDII scanner said. It was just such an intermitant problem that it was real hard to find. There was only a tiny little pinch on the wire, and it was shorting out to the shielding around the wire. Damn, I'm so happy now, I think I'm gonna go have a beer to celebrate, thanks to eveyone for your input though. It's greatly appreciated!
  6. Hot Damn! Good to see you have your ride back in good running shape now.

    Funny how one little spot on a single wire can cause such havoc that all you can think about after working at it for weeks/months is to just dump the car all together.You know,it is a good thing you found this and not some dollar happy mechanic.You would've kicked yourself when he/she/ told you.