Wiring questions, 12 volt switch power source?

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  1. My dad is asking me to find out where II's have a "12 volt switch power source". Does anyone know? We need it to hook up the electric fans and electric fuel pump.

    Thanks for any information.
  2. Wiper fuse is one that I use.

  3. :stupid:

    mee to :nice: tap it to a relay then power a buss, you can have as much power as your alt can give

    BTW post the RAD pics here
  4. You need to switch a relay on and off to power fans. DO NOT WIRE THEM THROUGH THE KEY SWITCH DIRECTLY. All the amps that the fans draw will burn out the key switch. I found this out by running fog lights without a relay. :flag:
  5. hey, that is what I said
  6. This might sound really dumb, but where should the relays be mounted, and (shhhh) . . . whats the best way to wire them?? (so it looks good) :shrug:
  7. placement is a personal preference issue

    here is a rough sketch ignore the polarities

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