wiring questions for my swap while I build the engine tonight, help ASAP!!

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by stackz, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Ok, pulled out the engine from the 86 turbocoupe today and the engine from the 88 mustang...man, what a day so far.

    after dinner I'm going to go through the turbo engine and clean it up and then put the brackets, etc from the 88 engine on it before dropping it the 88 tomorrow.

    Um, the fuel injection harness and all on the 88 has completely different plugs than the one from the 86...I can swap the 88 fuel injection harness onto the 86 turbo motor??

    the o2 sensor from the 88 is 4 wire versus 1 wire from the 86 turbo engine...swap the 88 o2 sensor in place of the 86's 1 wire o2 sensor??

    thanks guys, that's about all I've seen so far that's got me sorta confused.

    ecu wiring comes tomorrow oh yay.

    p.s. I'm going to completely re-gasket the turbo engine, new vacuum lines, etc, new injector o-rings, etc. Also, I've got a set of brown top injectors from an old project (honda) from a turbocoupe in my toolbox. If my engine does only have the 30lb'ers in it, can I just drop in the brown tops without worrying that the ecu will not take kindly to them??
  2. i have dealt mostly with the '87 turbocoupe myself, so i'm not sure if things are the same for the '86.

    I would try to use as much wiring as you possibly can that matches the ECU. This means you need the single wire O2 sensor, the 4 wire would not work with the '86TC ECU. This ECU only has one wire for the O2.
    --Technicaly, you can get yourself a 3 wire O2, and wire the power for it yourself, but that depends how much work you want to put into this, and how long you want it to take. this would add at least 2-6 hours.--

    check the color of the injectors already on the TC motor, they aught to be brown tops. if so, great. clean em up and put em back in, and use the wiring currently connected to them. if not... well, ask around, i have forgotten what happens when you put the larger injectors in. I think it will tend to run rich, but the ECU may be able to compensate for it.

    post back here if ya need more help stackz.