Wiring Schematic 89.....am I Missing Something??

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  1. OK.....maybe ,I'm not nearly as savy at this new setup as I thought, can anyone tell me how to request info thr a p=m?? I am assuming that a conversation isn't one and the same? I was requesting a wiring diagram from Jrichker and , not to mention my email address.....not sure if I responded correctly or what>?? Can someone offer a few pointers with this new setup please? I haven't gotten a reply yet, and I know how diligent JRichker is....so I have to assume it must be me doing something wrong.....lol

    Thanks guys.
  2. The diagram was emailed Thursday evening 6:36 PM via Yahoo email. It will be in your Hotmail.com email account.
  3. Joe you probably are going to hate me, could you please re-send once more?? I think my overly aggresive spam filters did away with the mail......I turned em off so it should be safe now.....sorry about that
  4. if he doesn't first pm me your email I have it from him as well I could foward it
  5. SPAM -Originally a World War II acronym for Ham that didn't pass it's physical. Yes, your filter isn't passing it's physical...

    Check your Hotmail inbox...
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