wiring up an omnifi mp3 player

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  1. hey i have a few questions. i used a dremel tool to mount this omnifi's headunit in the ashtray thingy, so i can flip the lid shut and hide it.

    but thats not the problem.

    i need to wire this sucker up now, and i need a dimmer wire, an only on with key wire, a always on wire and a ground, somewhere under the drivers side of the dash preferably. i dont think the dimmer is really a neccessity but the rest are.

    anyone have the colors for said wires? and general location?

    also, can you use low voltage tap-ins on this sort of application?
  2. I saw your post the other day but was too lazy to look everything up in my wiring diagram.......then I ran across these...............................




    You can probably use the dimmer wire from your dimmer switch, key on from the igintion and constant power from your cigar lighter. Good luck!
  3. The constint wire is easy, splice it into the cig lighter wire.

    Thats what I use for the constint wire on my sterio, the dimmer wire shouldent ever be used...for anything.

    friend of mine wired the dimmer on his sterio, it fried the sterio, burnt the lights out on the faceplate and caused his headlights to dim badly when the radio was on.

    mind you it was pro wired in and they have a 2% chance of ****ing up.