Wisconsin Thread

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  1. Well since it seems our 11 pages are now gone :notnice: , I thought I would start a new WI thread. So whos going to GLD next week. I know I am.
  2. I guess 80 of my posts are gone too :nonono: time to start posting agian but there no threads to really post in so i guess here will do.
  3. yea i picked midwest b4 i read about the crash and was like wtf? guess we start over
  4. Oh well less pages to scroll.
    Wed the 6th a group of us from Janesville are going to Union Grove. Its opening week so 10 to run. Racing starts at 6 and ends at 10. Everyone come on out, to whoever wants to meet up let me know.
  5. Fond du Lac here.....anyone know when WIR in Kaukauna opens?
  6. all my posts dissappeared!!! I won't be coming, I am still at school until may, then let the modding begin!!!
  7. I'll be going to GLD on Wednesday as well with a friend of mine. Nice coincedence. Can't wait to see you guys up there. Hopefully I'll be in the 13s...
  8. If you want to meet up with us were heading out shortly after 5. Also you might want to just hope for a low 14. I ran 14.3 stock, and my other buddy with a 04 with flowmasters ran a 14.6. But if your a good driver, I better be in the high 13s now. Anyway, should be a good time.
  9. Well I'd consider myself to be a pretty good driver, and with the new exhaust I'm thinking that 13s is pretty realistic. Those headers gave me some incredible gains, especially in the upper RPMs. My dad runs high 13s in his cobra and when we raced we were dead even. The only thing I'm worried about is my lowly Goodyear Eagles. Either way I'm sure it will be a good time.
  10. WI representin'...

    Anyone from the Milwaukee area? I live in West Allis and work in Menomonee Falls.
  11. Im from Beaver Dam. i have a black o2 gt.

    i was erased. now i have a new name.
  12. What a tease didnt rain all day until we were going to go to the track. Well next Wed looks like we,ll go.
  13. Do we know if they are gonna let the verts run the 1320 without a cage or not?
    Vex 5
    been trying to get a hold of you via cell.

    My Porsche 944 is back hounding and doing fly-bys in the morning.
    Cant get into a good safe spot for another run. Setup on Stebbinsville road on the straight away but he is either early or late through there. Seems to catch me in the AM always at a bad location though. Spanked him twice before and Ill no doubt spank him again.
  14. Sorry about that i ment to call you back that night but i got busy and it slipped my mind. Im not sure if you can run or not? I tried looking on there site but i couldnt find anything. Try calling them.
  15. Im sure you can run since you wont be in the 12s. Ill call and ask them for you.
  16. Im from kenosha.anyone know any good shops around the wi or il area that can put gears on,cause we dont have any good shops here.
  17. Sun Prairie Here
  18. Took it out for a run a few minutes ago. Regapping those plugs made all of the difference in the world. I have my power back. I gapped them at .052 and the throttle response is excellent, nice and tight. Not one bit of hesitation. It idles at 1000 rpm's now. Got pull like it had when I first got it. nasty nasty nasty
    As far as the fuel filter goes. Its not happening. I cant get at it. I did read about pulling the plug on the fuel switch in the trunk, run it dry and then hit the pressure release on the passenger side fuel rail. IRS is in the way too much. When they put the filter in, they tilted the screw band to far up and I cannot get at it laying on my back.
    Im having some 2 chamber flows welded in tomorrow night and Ill have them do it while its on the rack. Major PITA
  19. Same here, what are you driving?