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  1. whoops double post
  2. Hey guys, please check out my Twin Cities thread, especially if you live in western Wisconsin. I really need participants for this magazine article that I'm putting together. It would involve coming to a dyno in the Twin Cities, and then running at Rock Falls.


  3. What's up guys? It's been awhile since I've been over here. Hope to see some of you out and about in Madison this summer. There's going to be a car show in Sun Praire July 1st at Angell Park Speedway. We're trying to be a big showing of Mustangs but everyone is more than welcome to come out.
  4. Damn I dont where everyone went? Anyone around?
    Anyone heading down to Hooter on the 4/8?
  5. I stop by here at least once a week. Most mustang people from the area are on M3
  6. Good news guys, I am lookin for a foxbody. :eek: Either a lightly modified 5.0 or a very cheap 4 cyl worthy of a swap. four eye's preferred, but newer ones are fine too. Shoot me a PM or hit up my cell 608-577-5791 if you have seen any or have one for sale. It will be a week until I have all the money from parting out my supras.

    Goodbye Supras, I'm sick of fixing their problems. :bang:
  7. Hey somebody from the area is alive.
    Not sure if its still there. Black 5.0 on Rimrock Rd, sign said 1800 for it. I thought damn I might have to buy that, fix it up for drag only.
    Go South on 14 from where Park st becomes 14 or get off of the Eastbound beltline going south on 14. Go under the overpass on down to McCoy Rd and get off. Come back East under 14 to the stop sign and take a left. That will be the frontage Rd going towards the old WJJO building and you will come across Rimrock Rd. You can only go right. Go up about2-4 blocks and it should be parked on the right in the grass near a telephone pole. I looked at it and it looked halfway decent. Unless it is gone. It was there like 2 months ago last I checked. It had been parked there since last summer or fall.

    Anyone else cruising down Hooters way in Schaumburg for the Chicagoland meetup. Ive got 3 other terminators going with and possibly a 4th and 5th. Still checking on it.
    Try and get a good line of cars headed down the interstate and lighting up the tollbooths like last year.
    Supposed to be 100 plus Mustangs/Cobras there. Hearing a few new GTO's might show up.
    Like last year the ricers will showup to get smoked out.

    If that one isnt there Ill keep an eye out for ya. This was a fairly nice looking car
  8. So who's going to GLD's opening week? tomorrow til next sunday, pay spectator fee... race for free...woo woo. I'm takin my daily driver civic down sometime during the week, since nothing I have is faster right now. I have a '80 F150 with the 300 cube inline 6 4 on the floor, too...but that'd just be silly. Maybe my band's cargo van...

    WATCH OUT, 16's!!! Here I come! haha
  9. Where you been hiding duders?
    What did you do with your Supra? Still looking for a mustang? Found another one here in Edgerton or rather Newville right off of the interstate. White notch with 2-3 inch riser hood and it looks somewhat tricked out. Theres a for sale and number in the window. I go through quite often, let me know and Ill grab it. Off of the interstate at the Edgerton/Newville exit (coming from the north) go over the interstate, past Mcdonalds and through the intersection. Its on a parking lot just past the Culvers.

    I doubt if Ill be going. Today its going to Springfield Il to take my daughter back to mom. I got a new upper and lower thats going on tonight after it cools down from the drive. I really dont want to launching this thing from the dig until I get that rear differential brace on her. Ive got the Nittos back on again and its hook up time. Im on borrowed time with my stock rear cover.

    You going to the Hooters meet up in Schaumburg on the 8th? I am. Ive got 3-5 other terminators going with. Let me know on the car and the meetup.
    Most of the other guys are hanging on other sites.
  10. Hey Sharkster I saw the stang in newville too. Looks gangsta to me! That can change though. I thought it was a gt??? Didn't check a price though. My gf's family lives in springfield also so we go down often.
  11. Yeah it needs some changes. You get around edgerton at all?
    What are you driving, color, year etc? We have probably passed each other once or twice.
    That white one was parked in a driveway right down the street from me a while back. Backed in next to a garage at the end of the driveway. You headed down to Hooters on the 8th? Is that thing a V-6 I didnt look close enough. I thought it was a GT?
    Let me know Im going to be trying to get a meet place and time for the others. Ive been printing CMC's flyer and putting them on any Mustang windows I see here and there. I think its going to be one hell of turnout. Let me know
    884-9798. Slowsupra you to.

    For a while there I was looking at getting a 97-98 TT Supra or going with a biggie t-76-88.
    Not sure right now though. Gonna review my options through the summer. Only foriegn car Ill own......... I dont know we'll see:shrug:
  12. I work in Edgerton, Fulton, Newville, and Milton, so I drive through those towns all day. If its a gt its a 5.0 for sure. I have a white LX that is under construction right now. I just got done painting it 3 weeks ago and I am now putting it back together. Hopefully done by the end of this month.

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  13. Hey guys long time since ive been on here. Sharkster I saw you around jville yesterday, i was in my camaro so you didnt notice me. I couple of us are heading down to the cmc meet as well. What time are you guys heading out, and where are you meeting at?
  14. have 67 fastback supercharger, never raced where is the clossest track im in the dells area, also is there any street racing going on
  15. Camaro, now what are you doing. Im going to call you today (fri). 1 Cobra probably wont be able to go. His girlfriend wants to leave for Florida a day early. The other 2 may not be able to get the cars out of the storage lot in time. They both have them in the same yard covered up and a bunch of cars blocking them in. Ill know if they are going tonight. If not its up in the air as to what time. I lost Adams number. Not sure if he and his dad are going.

    update: 1 other Torch Red Terminator is coming with me. Not sure about the other 2.
  16. Vexracing, give me a number I can reach you at. We are going to be rolling out of here at 10:30a. The other guy has to pick his wife up from work on Rockton Rd just off of the interstate at 11:15. If not Ill see you guys there.
  17. Wow, looks like the WI thread blew up a bit while I've been away.

    I would go to the meet, but I JUST sprayed the base coats on my civic and will be fixing any blemishes, then spraying 3 coats of clear later today (saturday)

    I'm gonna wait on getting another car a bit. I'm kinda strapped for cash after buying all my body tools and a welder. May be starting a new job that pays waaaay better, though.. I find out monday.
  18. What did you do with your Supras? Welder hmmmmmmmm somebody to help with my Full length Subs :shrug:
  19. I sold all my parts on the forums..the 88 is gutted, probably going to junk it. My dad bought the 90, had me swap over the suspension (tein mounts, koni adjustables, H&R's, ST sways) over to his black 87 turbo, and is selling the shell to Tim at Sound Performance in Chitown.

    I haven't welded in a while, but after I get some practice in, I can help you out :D

    I didn't do much mig making my supra parts...but here's some of my TIG work....it's a replica Greddy t4 turbo manifold for the supra. Excuse the dirty engine bay, that is my old 88.

    View attachment 478110
    Test fitting...
    View attachment 478112
    Stainless 3" pipe welded to the cast iron turbine housing. This was not easy.
    View attachment 478114
    View attachment 478116
  20. What up guys! Im new here and just bought my mustang. Cya around