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    Nailed one Saturday evening

    Vann if your still reading these posts, you know this guy?

    Heading back through Janesville on Hwy 14 about 5pm. West end is a long 1 1/2 mile straightaway. Sheriffs dept on the other end. (yeah) Ive got both of my teen boys with me. 1/4 tank and an add 260 pounds.
    Last light before it opened up with one car in front of me. White Z28 with black stripes pulls alongside and I can tell he has an exhaust and cams. Nice lope to him. Looks like brand new wheels and tires. Im assuming an intake if he is cammed. Light turns and we both have someone in front of us. I tell the boys to make sure your strapped in he is gonna want to line em up. The car in front of him turns off and he is open. In front of me is ma and pa kettle doing 20 under. He stays with me and then lays into it for about 3 cars and drops back. I nodd my head and say "not good enough" drop second and let her scream hard. Ma and pa are still 2 cars ahead. Tires break and roast and then hook up while its getting squirrelly. He drops back to my rear and Ive got it back in 3rd again. I look in the rear view and here comes a black camaro (unk if was a Z) dodging around a few cars behind me. Not sure if he was with him or just want to be a spectator. Ma and pa look like they are going to **** their pants by now. He is still at my rear bumper and he drops it and hammers it. WTF at least let me get lined up in front of these people. Nope he is full balls to the wall. (must have got scared)
    He is 3 cars out and Im like nope, drop to second and lay into it over into his lane pass the grandparents and am at his bumper by the top of 2nd. Is that all you have? back into the other lane hit 3rd, top of 3rd Im one car out. Hit 4th and put 4 more on him. Hit 5th and then glide to 6th and decided he had had enough ass whippin and no need to go further....... ooooops zippp there goes the entrance ot the sheriffs dept. Dammit I need to quit doing that.
    Motion for him pull over and talk. Nope he was full bore out 14 through the intersection past my turnoff. I dont know what happened to the black one.
    His exhaust was almost as loud as mine.
    Dam first good race in like 2 months.... nothing worth a ****