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  1. Silver 98 GT
    Where are you in SP?
  2. Haven't seen the Silver GT yet, but I'll catch you some time.

    Off S. Walker Way towards madison, down the hill past the turn to the public library and water park. Driving a Sonic Blue 05 GT now that it's sunny and 70's again, this weekend was almost perfect!
  3. I live right off Sunfield on Field Ct. Car should be out within the next 2 weeks.
    You know there is a madison based mustang site, right?
  4. Not seen one with a message board and all yet. Just the stoughton based Mustang club. Link me.

    You're about 5 blocks up the street from me.
  5. I sent you a pm
  6. Hey, I'm just north of brewtown.
  7. Saw around 10 mustangs saturday night on east wash in madison. I was driving the broken supra with the 1/4 time on the back window. Wondering if any of you were in that pack.
  8. I am probly going to head up to east wash sat if weather permits.
    Also the track was rained out last week so were going tomorrow night if anyone cares to join.
  9. Last week I was on the wash, I had a big old jacked up chevy truck reving at me. I just let him peel out from the light alone. Right infront of a cop 1/2 block down sitting in a driveway waiting to get onto the wash.

    Wonder how much a display of power ticket is in a construction zone. :rlaugh:
  10. Post a pic of your car vex, I'll look for you on saturday. I'll be in the red 'yota. I'll probably still have my 1/4 time (12.06) in the back side window. I'll be easy to recognize.

    hah yeah I remember the lifted truck. he was revving at anything with a steering wheel. I gave him a thumbs down and he rocketed off. there was a cop behind me... heh

    View attachment 517677 :banana:
  11. Hey where you been there Supra dude. After the crash you disappeared. Didnt think you were gonna find your way back.
    You see the hispanic guy driving around Madison in the black GT with the 2 giant fart cans on the back. Damn things are hanging over 1/4 of the way out the rear bumper. Looks like Austin Powers rear firing Rocket launchers or some crazy crap. Caught him from an angle and not sure but I thought I saw spinners. hahahahahahaha it kills me.

    Nice wheels Vex. Last I heard little brother is deciding to keep it. Cant get a hold of him, just word of mouth through my mother. Starting to snoop Florida classifieds for one on the lot still. Couple of guys at work just got back from Florida a week ago and said there a bunch on several dealer lots.

    If not "let the modding begin"
    Already had the 2 chamber Super 40 Flows welded in yesterday. WOW Aggressive.... very aggressive.
    Painted the calipers too. They turned out really nice. May powdercoat those wheels and drop it some with some springs. Damn see here I go Im starting to run with it now. NO MORE MODS JEFF, NO MORE :bang:
  12. Click on my garage I have new pics of my car in there, with my new wheels.
  13. Hah, I didn't even know there was a crash until a couple days ago. I've been really busy finishing up all the odds and ends for this winter's swap. Got the 2nd motor mostly assembled. rebuilt with forged JE pistons, crower rods, high vol. oil pump, 2.0mm hks metal head gasket, arp bolts, 264 regrind cams, port and polish, ferrea oversized valves springs and retainers, 780cc injectors, high flow HPF fuel rail, aeromotive afpr, greddy oil filter relocation kit, aem adjustable cam gears, and the icing on the cake--a sound performance SP63 high output turbo kit and stainless manifold. 3.5" downpipe, hks race wastegate ( open dump, woot! ), and new 3.5" cat-back are in the works. I need $200 more to get an aem standalone.

    for the winter body restoration I picked up the 89+ front bumper, bomex side skirts and rear skirts, 3 piece oem spoiler, 89+ tail lights, and a new right quarterpanel. It will be painted a dark gray, much like gunmetal...with heavy metallic flake.

    I got my brembo blanks, ss brake lines, 4 piston skyline calipers, and porterfield pads on last night, and I am working on an adapter flange and oil lines to ditch my upgraded stock turbo (60-1 turbonetics) for an air research t04e I'm getting free.

    On that note, never buy an 86.5-92 supra. they're impossible to work on. you need ninja hands. brakes take an hour for all 4 though. Suspension's not too bad to work on either. just the motor is bad.

    vex...your car looks awesome. love the new rims. easy to recognize.

    I haven't seen the black GT, but I did see the the red v6 with the obnoxious body kit, gt AND cobra badges, neons, and fart cans.
  14. Hey you guys go run the 1320 tonight? Lets see some time etc.
    I dont have a helmet so I really couldnt come for the fun. I take it they are requiring a helmet or some sort of protective headwear.

    For what its worth to any of you Wisonsin stangers. I saw a 98-01 Cobra ( at least I think it was a Cobra) sitting on a used dealers lot in Madison today. I was driving past and all I could see was that it was a Mustang from a distance and as I neared I saw the Cobra heads on the side. Dickhead blacked out the Cobra heads. I pulled off and went around the block and came back by the lot to see if it was an 03/04. No such luck. This car has been hooptieized. Stalker kit, lowered, spinner (yes I did say spinners) on 19 or 20 inch wheels. Was painted red metallic flake. With a little work this car can be restored to a true Cobra unless it was a Fobra with badges. Exhaust pipes looked tiny coming out the back. I ought to get a vin and carfax and go find the previous owner for a kick in the dick.
    If your interested let me know and Ill get you the name of the lot and phone number. I wont be working in that part of town for a week or two but can make a trip that way if someone is interested. Let me know.
    Because all of the stupid **** that had been done to this car I couldnt tell what the true year was on it.
  15. I borrow a friend's helmet...otherwise I believe you can rent a helmet at GLD...
  16. dyno results from today

    <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v61/trueblue01gt/car/HPIM0280.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">
    <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v61/trueblue01gt/car/HPIM0279.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">

    i was a little worried though. a 04 auto gt ran b4 me. he pulled 211 and he had accufab 75mm tb& plenum, custom tune, and maf and stock exhaust.

    so i dunno if he has a bad tune or my exhaust makes that much difference
  17. Hey Van check your PM.
  18. Hey where did you get your dyno done at. Is there a place in Rockford?
  19. eh, didn't make it out to madison sunday...it was rainy and I didn't want to break my car before Rice Wars at GLD sunday...

    I've never seen so many 15 second heavily modded cars in my life...hell an mk4 twin turbo supra ran a 15.9....an acura NSX ran mid 15's...
  20. Hey Damon, what's up. It's dave with the Autumn Orange 97 GT. I cruised to wfc 6 and 7 with you guys. How's it been. What the hell happened to Cponygo. Are you goin to Wfc8??