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  1. no on sunday CMC had a dyno day in one of the west burbs. but there is 1 shop around here with a dyno. i think they mainly do imports though.
  2. Hey, What's up? With my current situation I am not going to St. Louis this year. :( There is always next year though. As far as CPG, it closed because of all the dumbass drama. Most of us are on Madison Muscle Mustangs now. What have you been doing? Anything new with the car? Nothing really new here. You should come up one of these weekends that we have something going on. Feel free to email me too...
    [email protected]
  3. Hey Vann, it was nice to finally meet you in person the other day. Keep in touch when you guys decide to go to GLD again. I'm probably gonna be tied up with school **** for the next few weeks, but after that, I'm game anytime.
  4. if you guys come out to the next import wars, I'll probably be messing around on street tires... I got my 12.06 and 12.11 slips already, I honestly don't think I can get more out of my current setup. I figure I'll just make some runs against some of the Evo VIII's for craps and giggles.

    I'd like to meet some of you guys.
  5. Holy cow! How's it going Dave? This is Tony with the maroon notch. My wife and I will be at WFC8 look for us in the pits. I think we're going to be under the Bud sign on the stands for the circle track. We'll both be racing in Bracket 3. I'll have my white gen 2 SHO(unfortunately it'll prolly have mismatched wheels, I feel like such a ricer! LOL) and she'll be in her red 91 GT with chrome 17" five spokes.

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  6. New to the board. 89 Mustang GT 5.0 Owner

    Hello my Name is Brian. Live in Menomonee Falls and just got a 89 5.0 gt on saturday.
    74,000 miles, 4.10 gears, bbk headers, flowmaster cat back. Body is in ok shape, just needs some cosmetic work.

    Better pics tommorow

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  7. Welcome and congrats on a new 5.0.
  8. Hey Adam,
    Sorry I got sidetracked for a bit and didnt get to respond to your PM.
    Im probably not gonna make it to the shootout. I got invited to the dyno thing going on with the Madison club as well in Milwaukee on the same day and I wont be making it either.
    Im a little paranoid on taking the car anywhere other than work. In that I mean Im close to finishing up a deal on an 04 Cobra (narrowed it down to 4 now financing it pretty much sweet and set) I dont even want to take a chance of throwing a rod, snapping a shaft etc.... get the picture. I need her healthy for the trade. Too much at stake.
    I would love nothing better than to smoke some SRT4's.
    Hell Im not even racing any on the way to and from work anymore... for now :)
    Had a riced out looking Neon SXT do a fly-by on me today and you dont know how hard it was not to going after him and spanking the piss out of him. I held my own, come back and see me in about 3-4 weeks. :banana:
  9. Hey man, I'm in Port Washington, where are you at?
  10. Well that's a very understandable reason. I fully expect to see you kickin ass with the 04 cobra though! :flag: My buddy is bringing his camcorder and I have my camera, so I'm sure you'll be able to see some good stuff anyway from the meet.

    Keep me posted on the 04 cobra...
  11. I'm in Mequon. I haven't been to Port in ages. Had a bad experience there back in high school. Let's just say it involved the bluffs, a fast car and copious amounts of alcohol. :D

    Way too many police per capita for my liking in Port. You can't cruise through town without seeing some kind of law enforcement. Ususally it's the sheriff. If not the sheriff, the state troopers are all over. I'm sure it makes the residents feel safe. Anyone with a nice car seems to get hassled though.
  12. Hey guys, used to live in WI...now in Chicagoland area...spend a good amount of time in WI thou, mostly the Wausau area....
  13. Im in Edgerton, just North of Janesville X 10 miles. Vexracing, Vex5.0 and wi_pilot are in Janesville.

    Ill be looking for some pretty good vids of all you guys. Do you know who all is going?
  14. Damn it I had the chance to run an 01 WS6 on the backroad today and had to let it go coming home from work. :bang:
  15. Well, just got back from GLD. I'm happy with my results. Given my tires, or lack thereof, I think I got just about everything out of the car. I think with some sticky tires I could be in the 13.4-13.5 area. Here is my best time: P1010005.jpg I did have better 60' during the night, but they did not yield better 1/4 mi times. Yes, I know my R/T sucks balls, but that run was actually my first ever at a track. I did have a .143 r/t later in the night.

    EDIT: Since that was my first run, and I had no clue how fast my car would be, I got yelled at for not wearing a helmet... as noted. :rolleyes:

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  16. Lookin good Adam.
    Eric where is yours? I think Van posted his a while back.

    Adam was that a single run or did they have you paired up with something else on the run. If so how did they do against you?
  17. My buddy with a 03 Cavalier was paired up against me. He is totally stock except for engine mounts, and new coilovers... but he completely gutted everything out of his car. I still never thought I'd see an almost stock cavi running 15.0s.
  18. So how did everyone do at the SRT shootout?
  19. Very well for me. I got my 60' time down to 2.04 and ran a best 1/4 of [email protected] I'm very happy with the car. I should have a video up of Eric and Vann's runs as well... just have to get it off the camcorder. I was gonna have a friend videotape the whole thing but he bailed on me at the last second.

    BTW, did you get the Cobra??????
  20. not yet, im looking at some that are scattered within 300 miles of me 03 and 04's. Issue with my fender is being taken care of right now.

    I can host the videos for ya if need be.

    Van saw you heading into the Famous Daves last night. Was in the Perkins believe it or not and spotted your car moving through the parking lot.