Wisconsin Thread

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  1. Yeah its funny I can always spot mustangs a couple blocks away, and the girlfriend doesnt understand how. LoL
  2. saturday afternoon I'm having a BBQ at my place... if you guys feel like hanging out I'll have plenty of food.

    4875 jacob rd.
    marshall, wi 53559

    hit me up on AIM at boosh pssh boost or call my cell after 4 pm.... 608 577 5791

    My turbo blew its compressor wheel to pieces last week. woo hoo. after the BBQ we're going cruising in madison...I'll have the stock black supra out I guess.
  3. Damn did it go dead in here or what?
  4. Yeah no one posts anymore
  5. yo what up guys
  6. Any of you guys come to WIR?

    I remember talking to someone last year with cherry Fox Body GT but never saw him there again that year. I think it is because I come on Saturdays and not on Fridays when more of the street cars come.
  7. Hey guys, I'm going to GLD tomorrow (5/24) at 6PM. If any of you can make it let me know.
  8. Didnt know if you guys saw the Shaumburg video.

    SRT shootout video.

    Both from the CMC website
  9. wi_pilot, how'd you do at the track?

    I would have gone down to gld today if I would have found a place to make oil lines in time. I didn't find a place that could make them until 4 pm, and I still need to mill a flange for the turbo oil drain. bah.

    if you're ever in need of braided stainless brake hoses or nitrous lines etc...KAMAN off stoughton road across from Farm and Fleet in madison has braided stainless and any AN fitting you'd ever need. I wish I would have found them earlier in the day...
  10. Meh, I've had better days. My best time was a [email protected] I still believe that Byron has a much better track than GLD... I can not for the life of me get my 60' under 2.2 at GLD and I was ripping off 2.0s at Byron. I did beat my dad fair and square in his stock 98 cobra though. :D
  11. hey you janesville guys
    yesterday i saw the most fd up stang ive seen i think. it was over at the body shop on w. court by osco. it was a 95 or so, white with some awesome 80s rims, a homemade hood scoop and decals up the ass. one of them said mach 1 or somethin. if i had my camera i would have stopped my truck and snapped a few pics. it made my day i needed a good laugh
  12. fri 6-3

    hey guys
    short notice but im heading up to Red Robin for dinner anyone want to eat with us.
  13. Hey Van

    Was stopped at the light there on 11 at the tracks. Saw you come through, honked and revved. Guy in the truck next to me got pissed... his windows were down.
    Whatever happened to your SLP you were getting rid of. You never said why your were getting rid of it and what you were going to get in its place?
  14. Yeah I thought that was you. I was heading to the shop to put my new wheels on. I sold my slp to a guy from chicagoland, I have longtubes, etc on its way. Also for any of you mustang guys my friend and i are opening a speed shop etc up in Janesville. We are debating on 2 locations and should have it going the end of the month or next month. We will be for all cars, trucks, and bikes And ill be a dealer for tons of mustang parts of course.
  15. Milwaukee here.
  16. peterson performance in kenosha deals mostly with mustangs.
  17. I am always seeing your car parked at Austin Oil... one of these time I'm gonna swing by and say hi. Your gonna love those LTs, they are a godsend for the mustang. :D Are they ceramic coated?
  18. yeah stop by anytime, I have my new building thou on 51 by memorial bridge so ill be there now.
  19. thought you were gonna be on 26 vann

    im never gonna find your place if you keep moving it
  20. Appleton here, I have 87 gt worn out badly. will be better soon. Just wanted to say hi.