Wisconsin Thread

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  1. Yeah well the shop we put money on and were ready to move into on 26, then the guy says we cant have any cars outside. We could only fit 2 cars in that bay, so we have our actual shop on 51. I will pm you directions.
  2. thats crazy
    how does a guy expect a car shop to not have any cars outside?

    at least you found something else.
  3. saw erick(vex500 leavin his house today
    that was me in the coke truck
  4. I dont think he comes on much anymore.
  5. Milwaukee, Wi Here ....... Soon To be Muskego,WI !!!!!

    How Are Ya ?????

  6. it doesnt seem anyone does anymore :shrug:
  7. I'm still lurking around...

    I almost bought an 88 LX last week. My supra had an engine fire...so it was either pull the motor or buy a stang.
  8. I am from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I am going to Great Lakes Dragaway in a few weeks hopefully. Gotta see what my times are after all the Mods.
  9. Im still around. Here and there, but Im still around.
  10. Hey long time no see, I saw you today pulling out of the car wash on milton ave. I wasnt in my car thou or i would of stopped.

    Also hello to all the new mustangs posting in the wisconsin thread.
  11. I didnt see your car anywhere or were you in something else? I havent seen eric at all in a month or two. I can usually see and here him coming. Wont be long now ( i keep saying that) got it picked out red/blk 04 and its been on the dealer lot for almost 2 months now. finish the refi on the house around the 24th, gonna pull some cash out from the deal.
    Im seeing some bbk long tubes, slp loudmouth (with loudmouth 2 on the side for long drives)stieg stage 3 port, upper and lower pulley, gatorback, an sct chip and an aggressive tune.. It will roll off the lot with the bbk's and the slp. hell i may just put all that money towards a whipple and a new intercooler core. Not a 100% yet.
    Theres a guy in illinois that has a screaming yellow 04 im kind of liking as well.
    check your pm and ill brief you a little as to the hold up on this.


    greets to the new members
  12. Milwaukee eh? What part? Cudahy here...

    I had some bad luck at GLD last week when I pushed the stock motor WAY too far... over 600 horse to be honest....

    the vid is on my front page here

    Good luck, the track felt like it hooked really well! The new LED scoreboard is tight too!
  13. Hey Vann, can you PM me directions or an address to your new shop? I'm debating if I'm gonna get 4.10s this summer still or wait until next spring. Either way, I'm sure you'll be doing the install.

  14. yea me too. with as many times as it has changed i have given up lookin for it while im workin :D
  15. hey on the 30th, there will be a lot of supras at GLD for Import Wars as part of the big Chi2k5 supra meet...thought I'd give you guys a heads up...
  16. I was down around that area last week and drove around looking for it.
  17. 837 N parker dr
    Its right next to congress radiator, its the white building with red doors and trim set back from the road a bit. Theres also a big trailor with tremec, bassani etc stickers on it.
    Imm going to be running a gear special as well, it will be 350-400 for gears and everything installed.
  18. Damn, I drive by there everyday when I go to and from work. I'll have to swing by and check it out. May have to take you up on that gear special too... :nice:
  19. sweetness
    i drove by several times figuring it was one of those buildings back there but never drove through to find out for sure

    now im gonna be stoppin by to kill time at work
  20. I saw it but couldnt associate anything to those signs.
    If I was staying in 01 I would take you up on those gearings.

    Van, THINGS cleared up today if you know what I mean. Guess what that means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!