Wisconsin Thread

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  1. Coming back from the grave, the wisconsin thread. How is everyone?
  2. Hey Vex,
    Hows the new shop going? Where is everyone? I havent seen you, Eric or Adam cruising around town at all. I used to see you guys quite frequently.
    Are you guys looking to get a dyno or is that way out there yet if at all. I know they are quite expensive.
    I thought I was in the right spot for your shop last week but maybe not. Where is it again?
    You get your issue resolved with the LT's?
  3. Slinger/West Bend

    Slinger/West Bend checking in here...

    I have a Laser Red 1999 SALEEN S-281 SC Speedster.

    I work in Brown Deer and am usually crusing down 45 around 7:30-8:00 AM and back north around 5:00-5:30.

    Don't see too many mustangs on the road then...is everyone at the dragstrip or what?
  4. when are you at the shop vann
    i stopped by 2 weeks ago around 10 on a tues and noone wasthere
    and sometime last week and noone was around???
  5. Its right next to congress radiator 837 N. Parker dr. Im down there late afternoon and at night lately since its been pretty warm outside. I should be doing some normal hours within the next week.
  6. OK Ive seen it all. The other day I saw a tricked out little Focus in Madison, on bottom of the drivers door in 4 inch high, angled lettering (VTEC) I damn near pulled a muscle in my neck doing a double take and laughing. :shrug:
  7. Hey Vex,
    Love that blacked out SSR in the window. Is that a DR on it. NICE :nice:
    How much for all the way around with 18's? Like whats in the window

    I think Ive got a throwout bearing chirping on me. Its not doing it all of the time. How much on a TOB replacement? Just the TOB its going away this week.
    PM Me
    Last time I did one was in 1982 on a 70 Camaro SS not sure if things have changed since then. Never done one on this kind of car.
  8. Those ssrs are for my partners 240 and are expensive wheels. I can get a price for you.
    The throw out bearing is a cheap part to replace its just the labor involved getting to it. If your trading it in id just leave it personally. Sorry for not calling you back its been a busy weekend.
  9. No problem. Just thought I would ask on the wheels. I think I might be able to get by on the TOB. Never dont one in a Cobra before and really dont want to start my first one on a trade-in. Its going this week or beginning of next. Got to get some time off from work.
    Looking at 7 2004 right now. 2 in Georgia, 1 in New York, 1 in Ohio, 1 in New Jersey and 2 in Ill. In this order Screaming yellow, Red and then black.

    and now this---------------------->

    I saw those wheel on a Mach last week and it looked really good.
  10. It will be nice to see a cobra around. Plus Id like to work on one wink wink.
  11. I need to get my car in for a dyno tune, but I'm not aware of any places in southern wisconsin or northern illinois to go to. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm hoping to stay around madison or down to Rockford.
  12. Theres dynotuned in madison, or youll have to go down to Chicago to like Sutton, or speed inc.
    I see your in Janesville, do you go out to milton ave at all? Stop down at my shop id like to see your car, were located at 837 N. parker dr next to congress radiator.
  13. gone for 3-4 days.......................................... going to get the new one
  14. Anyone know who's sporting the GT with the personal plates "IM NVR L8" With the domestic disturbance window sticker? Ran across it on the wash today.

    Sounded pretty nice.
  15. Got my 04

    Just got in with my 04 tonight. 3:30am
    All I can say is WOW 500+ hp of pure nastiness. This car is modded to the gills and it scares me. Going from a stock 01 to a full blown and modded 04 pushing this kind of power is like WOW. Im scared to hammer this thing yet. Taking off in 1st with LT's, no cats and a Bassani St and Comp just gives me goosebumps that wont go away. I cant tell what kind of shifter it has yet but the guy mentioned a Steeda Tri-Ax. I have to teach myself to drive this car it isnt anything near that 01.

    Nitrous.... I dont need no stinking nitrous
    You guys pushing 600+, I dont know how you handle that power.

    List of mods to come

    Van Ill drop by today
  16. Hey glad you finally got one! What color is it so I can keep an eye out for ya.
  17. I must say I did smoke a new GTO on the interstate today. I dont think he knew it was coming, especially when i dropped 5th to 4th He started it and I finished it with about 2 buses worth. Pulled alongside of me with the window down and I couldnt tell what he was saying..... I could see him mouthing the words ho _y fu _ _ _ _ g sh _t Gave me the thumbs up and to the off-ramp he went.
    Couldnt tell if it was an 04 or 05 I never saw the rear of it hahahaha
  18. too bad you had to give up the vert. should be a fun ride though