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  1. wi_pilot

    Hey did you get my PM reply.
    I thought something was up when I saw the plate "Pilot MI" or something like that. :rolleyes:
    Anyone know if an FRPP racing drive shaft has any markings indicating FRPP or anything like that on it?
    Finally got my tuner and the guys number. Time to find out what else he has done to it. Scratch the LT and the 3 in. I got under there and was snooping. Its the stock headers and its 2.5 in on the exhaust.
    I said something to the dealer and he stated no no no he HAD that on there but took it off before the trade. Horse**** thats not what you originally told me. :nono:
  2. His name is David. He's from the Sun Prairie area. Not much done to the car though. He's on M3 all the time.
  3. I raced david with my old turbo and stock fuel...

    That car does sound pretty nice.
  4. How is east wash latly I kind of want to come up there one of these weekends.
  5. I couldn't tell you...I was sick, then I blew a trans the next weekend...I just got the new motor and trans in this afternoon.

    I should be out this weekend with some race gas and high boost.. :D
  6. Out of here for 2-4+ weeks.... can you guess where? Ohio and then on farther South as the weather clears. Dont know if I can go a day without any boost.
    Adam I was going to head down by your place this weekend maybe have another go with your dad and let him get the feel of this thing once. Is he hooked completely yet? He will be after he rides with me.
    Was working on some launches on the way home from work out in the country. I did a 4k drop from the dig. allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllrighty then we'll just check the 4000 rpm drop off of the list and move on. You would have thought I just pulled out of the water box or something. Once I got traction I banged through those gears in seconds and was at 140 poooof.
    Coming home from Janesville the other night I had a yellow turbo skittle come flying up on me after I came out of Lions at the 4 way. Clear in front of me and figured what the hell and dropped to 3rd and let her scream for about 200-300 feet. (Wife was ****in up a storm.) Was a younger kid. Dont know if I scared him or he just didnt feel like playing. He dropped a good 1/4 mile back or so and he never came any closer all the way to Edgerton.

    Gonna take it down to Sutton when I come back let em fine tune it and see what kind of nice numbers Im putting down. Want to head to the track for a few runs before the season closes.

    Any of you other guys running 4:10's can you spin the tires in 3rd and 4th while on the move. Is that normal... or is it normal for my power and setup?

    100 shot or a full Stieg stage III and new Afco H/E?

    With what Ill make over the next 2-4 weeks I could buy me a new KB or Whipple but I know the wife wont let that crap happen. Couldnt pass it up

    Dammit this was going to be a simple Im out of here for a few weeks post.

  7. Van,
    Check your PM and let me know.
  8. Hey Jeff, my dad is out of the country for a week and a half so the cobra is staying in the garage for a while. If you gonna be in town though, give me a call as I'd love to check out this beast too. :D
  9. I wish someone would start an Iowa/Nebraska thread.... :(
  10. I want a ride....

    no, really, I do.
  11. Still out of town at this time. We moved from Ohio to Indiana today. Headed for home Thurs, Fri or Sat. Unsure at this time.
    Vex, sorry for not responding as my internet connection is limited. My network card on my laptop took a crap on me so Im using my work computer on dial up to post.
    I will get with you when I get home so I can get your friend the front bumper.
    I talked to the previous owner of the car and he told me some more facts about the car.
    He is a Mustang and Cobra tuner. I told him I was taking the car to Summit for a dyno and the first words out of his mouth were not to let them tune the car. Dyno only. Im going to call him and stop by and he is going to re-tune the car to what his specs were on it. HE told me this thing is an untamed animal and what Im seeing and feeling this car do now is nothing compared to what it will do after he redoes the tune to his race tune.
    He gave me these number
    505hp 515rwtq
    last 2 runs were 11.48 and 11.50 with 1.4 and 1.5 60ft times with .50 reaction.
    Its pegs at 18# of boost and tapers to 15-16# WOW on an eaton :hail2:
    Says he launched the car at the track one time and sprung the 4:10... it was replaced.
    Says I should switch out the rear end for a solid 8.8 or 9 in 3.73 as it will shave 2/10. Says with the 4:10 your shifting 4th going through the shute and its slowing the time down.
    HE went back the day after I bought it to buy it back from the dealer but it was gone.
    Says to be very careful in this car as there is more power there than you know. Says it will be nastier after he puts his tune back on it, he said youll see what im talking about.

    Back this week sometime. I need a boost fix

    This car is insane and I LOVE IT
  12. Yeah those cobras are potent machines. You can get hardened axles for thi independant rear but you rpobly better off just swapping in a solid rear. He must of been running slicks to get those 60s. Either way let me know when your back and we can get together, time to take that out on milton ave and show this gm town some power.
  13. For any of you guys interested. Kayser Ford on the beltline in Madison has a black 03 or 04 Cobra sitting on the lot just waiting to be purchased.

    Get this my brother is in such a damned hurry to sell his car and get out from under any and all payments on it.... he sells his white 03 to Carmax in the Chicago suburbs somewhere for 19k. Had I known he was going to do that I would have put the word out to any and all near to me.

    Anyone know if they make a DR in 295/40/17 it jumps in the books from 275 to 315.

    Was going to post out and see if anyone is running 315's (on the rear only) on the stock Cobra rims. Anyone have a clue. I heard someone say its possible and is being done but it like shoving 10 pounds of sh1t in a 5 pound bag :shrug: .... any comments.

    I cant get traction for sh1t!!!!! but when she sticks, someone is gonna get screwed :rlaugh:

    Oh yeah Vex I stopped by the shop today around 5:30 or so... had a drywall screw in the right rear and it was a slow leaker. I didnt know if you had a tire machine or not. Nobody there just ran to tires plus. Didnt feel like messing with it myself my garage is an utter disaster right now.

    Anyone seen Vex 5.0, I havent seen him around town or post on the forums?

    Vex 5.0 u still alive dude.
  14. Vex5.0 has no love for mustangs any longer. You just missed me at the shop and drove past me when you left tires plus. I would just go with the 275 since the 315 is going to be close, plus the 275 is cheaper since youll go thru them. You going to the shootout sat, were heading out of here at 8 and meeting up with josh. Pm me or give me a ring, I can come pick up that bumper as well.
  15. no love for mustangs.... say it aint so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What shoot out I didnt hear anything about it. Fill me in
  16. Im in!!! My boys and a friend of theirs is coming with. Im gonna have to do this on the stock f1's :bang: not enough time to get some 275 nittos for this thing. and I have to find a damn helmet
  17. Hey man, I'm not gonna be able to make it on saturday (f'n work :bang: ) but if you need a helmet, feel free to swing by, I have a few at my house. Good luck guys!

    Vann, did you get my message about the exhaust problem with the Saab? How much just to weld that thing back together? Also, if Eric doesn't like mustangs, what DOES he like now?
  18. Hey...just for those that want to know...MadisonMuscleMustangs is getting together down in Byron on the 22nd of next month for an end of the year blow out at the PlayGround Of Power. Check out M3 for the details.