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  1. oh im really damned pissed now. Talking with the previous owner setting up a time for him to retune this thing. Well in talking we have found that the following is missing from the car.
    AFCO Race Heat Exchanger
    Bosch 60# injectors
    the KB BAP
    Some phone calls are being made by him and by me.
    Some ****ing mechanic has my **** on his car................................ and I WANT IT BACK
    May or maynot be a whole lot we can do about it.
    This guy is pissed.
    This explains why the car was set to stock tune in the
    Predator *******[email protected]!#%%$&@*&(*($%@Q#@$%
    oh im pissed

    on another note:
    has anyone used the Dyno at the Byron drag good/bad ???????????
  2. Hey slowsupraturbo,
    how good does your turbo supra do on gas mileage? Im looking at a few 87, 88 and 89 turbos for a daily driver.
    I had an 87 Supra back in like 1990 and I couldnt tell you if it was a turbo or not. I just know the car was a workhorse. One night the ex was coming home from work and the engine bay caught fire and it got paid off by insurance and then it was on to another car. Anyhow Im looking at a few, I think the turbo Supra could be a fun daily driver.

    On another note. This car LOVES the cool fall air and runs HARD when that cool air is blowing through her fins.
  3. Hey Jeff my tires will be here this mon or tues then ill have mine ready for you. Ill give you a call as well.

    Chicagoland forum is down, Adam needs to get back from San Fran and fix it.

  4. no crap its pissin me off. tryin to figure out if my xpipe has sold
  5. **** i forgot to post that I got it. Allllrighty then just let me know.
  6. u get rid of your X?

  7. not yet

  8. already have one on. Why you getting rid of it?
  9. went with an o/r hpipe
  10. did you have a problem with it sounding raspy too. I think mine is too raspy and I was told to go with the o/r H as well.
  11. it was not too raspy for me but it was also a low power n/a car.

    jsut picked up the hpipe for so cheap i want to free up some $$$ if i can get this thing sold
  12. Hey Van,
    Your tires come in yet. Wanting to try and get them on before dyno and tune this weekend.
  13. crap, went dead in here now didnt it
  14. Yes it did, but its getting to that time of year when all the mustangs are put away.
  15. yea im going thoud withdrawl right now and it will be worse later today after ups shows up
  16. What came ups?
  17. pics later tonight
  18. I get off of work today and head out to the car and hey its a nice cool, fall Friday. Climb in and fire the Demon up and up starts the whistle. My my your sounding pretty nasty tonight. Im not one for physically going out hunting for races but. Hmmmm she is sounding nasty this evening and Im gonna rip the doors off of something going home. Im hunting this evening.
    Pull out of the garage and pass the UPS truck, turbo and all... not good enough. Stop and get gas and as im finishing up along comes a black 89/90 Supra and pops his BOV as hes stopping for the stoplight. Oh no the hell you didnt... that'll do, your mine. I get ready to pull out and he jets across 2 lanes of traffic and makes a left. Damn Im stopped for cross traffic. I look left and here comes a guy I work with in his Silver 02 Z06.... no your ass is mine. I pull in behind him and give her a good rev, light turns and he takes off kind of slow and I lay into the Nittos a little. Stay on him somewhat close waiting for him to head out and on to the highway. Nope he moves right and heads up the onramp Westbound walking it. WTF. I head down the highway just out of Madison on 14 and on the other side of the overpass here comes a Yellow EVO. Comes up along side of me and appears to be minding his own buisness. I drop her to 4th and let her growl the hell out of his windows (NASTY) I see his male passenger poking his shoulder. The driver isnt doing anything but looking straight ahead, not even acknowledging his passenger and didnt look at me once. I let her scream a bit in 4th and let him come abreast of me again. He has this look of OMFG I did it again and he wasnt biting. The highway opened up traffic wise and zip to the offramp he went turn signal and all. S H I T!! 2 minutes later traveling south and here comes my buddy from last year.... the red Porsche 944 with collector plate. Im thinking I can get through that median grass in this, Im sure of it. Nahhhh I give a couple of brake lights and he turns down the offramp and I slow up a bit to see if he comes flying up on me like he always does. Nope S H I T. All right now this snake has to eat. GTP cruising nahhhh too old. I guess Ill have to settle for the chick in the Saab 900. Nope she isnt playing.
    Traveling through the backroads I know of a house in the country with some teenagers usually hanging around outside working on your assorted mix of lowrider chevy cavalier with body kit and a couple of Civics. Yeah that will do. 1/8 of a mile out I layed into it some to let em know I was coming. Im approaching and yep they are there and nope they are all standing dead still. Oh well I let her scream at the front driveway for grins. OK got to be a farmer joe in his Superduty somewhere out here. Couldnt roust up a soul. Screw it Im going home. I decide to race myself. Lay into it on the straight away and peg the MAF at the top of 4th... wonderful. Almost home oooops got to head to BestBuyfor an exchange (wrong cord for predator hehehe) and a haircut. Passed my turnoff and come out on the other end of Edgerton getting ready to head to Janesville. Im depressed now. This cant be right.
    I stop at the stop sign at the T intersection and look right and here comes a nice bright red GTO with a an early 30's guy. He passes and lays into it a bit and I see she is an 05. Your A S S is definitely mine. Im almost to him and Im thinking heat em up a bit. 60 ft away from him I lay into the Nittos with a fury. Instant left hand signal from the far right hand lane and he is slowly driving away. You got to be ****ting me. OK ill find some kid on a 10 speed and give him a hundred and I wont go over 25 or boost. Depressing. Did the exchange got a haircut and went home.
    Normally they are trying to peel the paint off of my car but tonight they didnt want to do anything.